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How can I lose the FAT the best fastest way?

I want to lose fat I know how to lose water weight, but how can I get fat off my body, I want it gone, i’m sick of it! I want to be as thin as Jessica Alba, Shakira, J.Lo, maybe even Hilary Duff or Nichole Richie, i’d rather be too thin then to be fat, i’m not fat, but if I gain 5 more punds or 10, i’ll start looking like i’m on the chubby side. I have a body that’s quite curvy, and for having that, it’s harder to lose weight for some reason. Help me get the FAT off of my body, please?!

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16 Responses to “How can I lose the FAT the best fastest way?”

  1. Yuppie Killer said :

    Take up jogging, and only eat yogurt and salad. Take vitamins.

  2. Sim P said :

    Eat healthy and exercise….never fails…

  3. yumm said :

    read tips on weight loss and exercise programs to help you more on this site

  4. Oxhead said :

    Eat less and exercise more. Trite but true.

  5. gopher977 said :

    That’s easy plastic surgery have them liposuction it out. It’s the fastest way and the best, because all your fat cells are sucked out of your body.

  6. roskoroskorosko said :

    It’s really very simple and easy. Diet and exercise.

  7. snowy said :

    SO many ways


    (2) CONTROL the TONGUE



  8. Johnny1 said :

    if you really need to lose some weight and you have the physical ability you might consider what works for me
    get some aerobic exercise daily (gradually build up your exercise session to 30 minutes then gradually build up to 45, 60 minutes)
    the best way without doubt is jogging (start with fast walking and do not increase your distance too soon)
    you can also use an elliptical machine or stationary bike
    do not drink soda pop or eat fried foods or buttery foods
    drink a lot of water and tea
    go vegetarian and eat small meals each day such as fruit and oatmeal and rice & beans
    make soy protein drinks if possible because its important to make sure you get enough protein when trying to lose weight
    let me know how it goes

  9. HxC_Doll said :

    you should exercise for 30 minutes almost everyday. Start a healthy diet. Never skip breakfast! Count your calories! Keep a journal of what you eat, etc. Good luck on losing the fat! You’ll see the results in less than 2 months. But hey, everyone’s different. Just make sure you don’t give up!

  10. Chuck C said :

    When the amount of energy (colories) you burn in a day is greater than the amount of energy you consume in a day, you lose weight.


  11. BahamaBlu said :

    Tone it. Keep your curves but make it solid, yah know? Try using weights in the specific areas…


    For flabby arms? Lift some light weights every once in a while
    Tummy? CRUNCHES
    Legs/Thighs?? Try squeezing a ball while laying down with your legs in the air making an L shape
    *and try sitting without a chair.

    **And try Jump roping and push-ups They help everything =)

  12. sassongabriel said :

    you should rethink your priorities in life, ever heard of anorexics? or anorexia? teh best ways to be in best shape is being careful of what you eat, try vegetarian with cheese as protein, and excersice, and remember all of the people above, get paid to be that skinny, are you getting paid?

  13. Project Lava 76 said :

    Running 4-5 times a week with an extremely healthy diet and lots of water. You will see weight gain significantly in the first two weeks, as your body will retain much water and your muscles will have a growth spurt, but after the first thirty days, your body fat will start to decrease. Many people become angry that their weight increases and they give up, but it’s just an adjustment phase as your body adapts to your new physical strains. The most important thing is to not eat unhealthy, but to keep eating three times a day with more lean meat and vegetables with fruit as snacks for energy.

    I don’t mind your first three options of what celebs you idolize, but please remove Nicole Richie from your mind. If you are curvy, be proud, just tighten up those muscles in the stomach and thighs for an optimal look.

  14. degendave99 said :

    While there are many ways out there that temporarily reduce or shrink fat cells, there are only two ways to eliminate fat cells completely – one is having liposuction and the other is good old fashioned anaerobic activity – rowing, running, pedalling, etc.

    The goal is to increase your metabolic rate to the point where your body hungers for fuel – when you pump your body full of carbohydrates, the body takes the easiest food source to utilize – i.e, carbohydrates – and does not do any “fat burning”. Anaerobic activity promotes the burning of actual fat cells as opposed to other easier sources and thus less fat cells, less fatty tissue, less weight.

    Anaerobic activity combined with a sensible diet can see you losing a significant amout of weight over a period of time. The best part of it is that anaerobic activity helps to keep the fat from coming back by keeping your metabolism higher while most diet fads only work to a certain point and then peak and no further weight is lost or actually gained back when the diet is stopped.

  15. d_kratch07 said :

    i am no doctor so dont quote me or hold me to anything i say but i feel the best way to loose weight is quite simply diet and exercise. now just because ur are dieting doesn’t me you cant eat the foods you enjoy; you just have to eat less of them. for example, instead of eating just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. try eating an small breakfast like some egg whites and some fruit, then in between breakfast and lunch, eat a small snack like one of those “100 calorie packs” then eat lunch, perhaps something like some chicken and a vegetable, then another snack like an apple or something like that. then an early dinner sometime before 7 at night that is high in protein like some fish, meat, or poultry, some rice or something starchy. eating small portioned meals all day long keeps your body’s metabolism going enabling you to burn off all the unnecessary fat and carbs that ur body doesn’t need. also, incorporating some type of exercise is essential to weight loss. it could be anything from taking a nice long walk around your neighborhood, to hitting the gym for some light weight training. the key is to keep your body moving and keep your metabolism going. if you do that, your golden!!! good luck in whatever you choose!!!

  16. D-a said :


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