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how can i lose the fat fast!!!!!!!?

first off:
if i don’t eat, i get yelled at
i love eating
i eat healthy
i exercise 5/7 days
i have knee and ankle problems
and im not emo so im not gonna make myself throw up

soooo…HELP MEEEE!!!!!!! does anyone know how to lose the fat quickly? mostly my thighs,gastrocnemius, triceps, and biceps!!!! oh and do you know anyway to do lunges without much joint pain in the knees!?!?!


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2 Responses to “how can i lose the fat fast!!!!!!!?”

  1. jhanford1 said :

    low carb diet. do a little research.

  2. brenda said :

    you should eat small amounts of food about 4 times a day, like have 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal for breakfast and a apple for a snack and have 1/2 chicken breast for lunch with some veggies and a small amount of meat for dinner with some more veggies.

    but if you really need to lose weight quickly just cut out carbs but as soon as you eat carbs again you will gain it all back. so if you want it to stick just eat less more often and exercise exercise exercise!!! especially cardio


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