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How can I lose stomach fat quickly and easily?

Any Ideas? I want to look good by swimsuit season lol!

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6 Responses to “How can I lose stomach fat quickly and easily?”

  1. Katrina R said :

    cardio and crunches everyday. also, watch what you eat.

  2. Wellness Consultant said :

    I would suggest supersetting or interval training. it combines strength training(for building lean muscle tissue) and cardio(for fat burning). you don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership.

    example: squats, push-ups, pull-ups, mountain climbers(if you can’t do a push-up or pull-up=> use dumbbells or resistance bands & do a pushing exercise and a pulling exercise instead). do 15 reps of each back to back to back to back without resting. that equals 1 set. rest 30-60 secs. repeat. do 3-5 complete sets. Do this 3-4x/week.

    If you noticed there are no sit-ups or crunches in this workout. the best way to burn fat and tighten up your midsection & core is through total body exercises! This style of training doesn’t have you spending in hours and hours a week training either. They are short, fast and effective!

    These workouts are great for women or men!

    good luck

  3. Remington said :

    Targetted weight loss is quite hard, many people would state impossible, however the only diet that really worked for me is green tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a small number of free trials in stock, it was featured in Fox News and USA Today. I shed 25 pounds, it really does produce results!

  4. happyjello said :

    I have started this Diet (lifestyle change) in the middle of November at 140lbs, and now at 117lbs

    google fruit fast

    A DIET IS WHAT YOU EAT….there for we are all on a diet….

    You got the change the way you think and feel about food

    TRY THIS, and stick to it.

    The first 3-4 weeks are the hardest until your body adjusts to the change.
    Results will be in about the same time

    Fruits and Veggies

    Eat more plants and keep away from stuff that was made in plants.

    Don’t eat anything that comes in a can, box or package….
    If man made it, don’t eat it

    NO white BREAD or SUGAR

    NO PIZZA, I am in the pizza business, and it is not good for you, very high in FAT and Calories


    Stay away from FAST FOOD


    Walk your dog, or walk a friends dog

    Don’t think of it as a diet, but think of it as a lifestyle change

    I have lost 28.5 pounds in 3 months, drink lots of water. I usually eat a meal of what ever I want once a week….controlled portion….this really works………

    Write down every thing you eat

    take a multivitamin at night

  5. Platypus said :

    It is almost impossible to lose weight in just one area. Losing weight all over will lose stomach weight. Doing crunches and other midsection exercises will pull in the muscles in the stomach giving you a smaller waist.
    Being bloated is normally what will cause the stomach of a healthy person to look fat. Increasing your water intake and fibre, reducing your salt and carbonated drinks intake will hopefully stop you looking bloated

  6. Jon Michaels said :


    I receive hundreds of fitness questions every day from people all over the world, but by far one of the most common themes in these questions revolve around the struggles that most people are having with losing that flabby stomach fat that doesn’t seem to want to go away no matter what they try.

    Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow fitness professional named Mike Geary of Now Mike is a well-known expert who deals exclusively with the most effective strategies for losing stomach fat so that you can finally uncover those elusive six pack abs that everyone desires.

    Some of Mike’s strategies deal with nutrition aspects and others deal with training techniques, but I was impressed to see that Mike has put together one of the most comprehensive resources for dealing with all of the aspects necessary to finally get rid of that nasty belly fat for good.

    The key is that Mike focuses on the REAL techniques that are going to get you lasting results, and teaches you how to avoid all of these “quick-fix” scams and gimmicks that are all over the infomercials and the internet these days.

    Several of the mistakes that Mike see’s every day where people are going wrong in their fat loss attempts are:

    1. Most people are wasting too much of their time doing hundreds of reps of ineffective crunches, situps, and other “abs pumping” exercises in their attempt at losing stomach fat.

    Mike has discovered that there are certain highly effective exercises that stimulate your metabolism much better, and increase your fat burning hormone levels much more. These exercises that Mike outlines are the best of the best for getting a lean, chiseled body.

    Surprisingly to most, the majority of these most effective exercises for stomach fat loss are NOT “abs-specific” exercises. Not only that, but Mike shows you how to combine and sequence them to get the best metabolic and fat loss results possible, changing the shape of your entire body.

    2. Most people are wasting way too much time doing hours upon hours of boring monotonous cardio routines.

    Mike has researched this topic extensively, including an entire course he’s taken comparing different modalities of cardiovascular exercise. After all of this research, we’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people out there are not doing the right types of cardio exercise. In fact, most people may actually be inadvertantly decreasing their metabolic rate by doing too much of the wrong types of cardio!

    The strategies that Mike reveals in his program go beyond “interval cardio” too.

    3. Most people are failing miserably with fad diets.

    Mike reveals exactly why most low-carb or low-fat diets are actually working against what your body needs to become lean and ripped and maintain it for life! Mike shows you exactly how to stop falling for the gimmick diets and finally develop a truly healthy eating style that you can actually enjoy for life without being overly restrictive. It’s actually easier and more enjoyable than you believe!

    Go to Mike’s Truth about Six Pack Abs site today and discover the exact system that Mike is using to help thousands of his clients from all over the world get leaner than they’ve ever been before. This system will help you to lose that stubborn stomach fat that has plagued you for years, so you can finally get that sexy six pack that you’ve always wanted. Here’s the site:

    Don’t forget to visit Mike’s site today, as he’s giving away some great free bonus reports and other tools that might not be available much longer.

    To being lean, strong, and healthy for life,


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