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How can I lose some extra fat in certian places?

Ok, so my friend is having a swim party. It is in a couple of monthes, so naturally I want to look by best. I want to lose some fat on my hips, under my arms, and a little on the tip of my stomach.

Are there any tips to make some of it go away for the time being? I also want to keep it off for the summer.

Keep in mind, I am not obese or overweight. I am 11 years old and I weigh about 75 pounds, my BMI says that I am heathly. I am short, though, about 4’4.

So, any other tricks with patterns or stuff like that on the bathing suit that will trick the eye? Or certian colors and stuff?

Please help me!
Also, I already eat heathly. My parents are European and Asian, so all I eat is like rice and chicken and occasionaly steak….I never have fast food, only about once a month, I don’t drink soda…only once a week I have about a handful of chips or soo…
And for exercise, I do basketball for 2 hours once a week, plus I have a P.E. class for 45 minutes 4 times a week, and over breaks and stuff I do push ups, curlups, Ab Lounge, treadmill, weights, and the Elliptical (sp?)

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5 Responses to “How can I lose some extra fat in certian places?”

  1. Courtney said :

    My best advice to you is to just eat healthy. Seeing as you are only 11 years old, your body is adjusting and becoming more feminine. I had the same problem at your age, and everything evened out by itself just from eating healthy and participating in physical education along with jogging three times a week for about thirty minutes around my block. (I’m not much older, I am turning 15 this october.)

  2. Rebekah said :

    The most effective way to burn fat is to consume less food and workout more, the issues surface when we in reality try to put that into practice! There are plenty of opportunities to fail in the big wide world don’t you think?! I discovered some excellent information by reading the website in the box below, they have plenty of tips, I melted away 8 pounds by following their techniques.

  3. greatwhitepidgeon said :

    I really don’t know much about colors or styles or anything, so you’re out of luck there. Just cut sodas, fried foods, and sugary foods out of your diet and instead focus on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, in that order. Also drink a lot of water.

  4. Rocko said :

    keep eating healthy, and keep on goin outside & have fun, you are 11 yrs old and still developing. just stay away from soda & drink plenty of water.

  5. JJ♀ {JαѕмιиєJσ} said :

    Spot reduction (focusing on losing weight from one spot) is impossible, don’t let the infomercials fool you. When you lose weight you lose it throughout your body, targeting a specific area is only good for building muscle in that area, the ONLY way you can lose weight in one area is through surgery.


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