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how can i lose my fat? please help me?

I’m 15, male. I jsut have belly fat and a muffin top, its not that big, but sticks out. i want to lose it fast, im starting a new school and i wanna look good. What is a workout I can use at the gym that burns fat fast and makes me gain muscle? i really wanna look slim fast, I just have to lose my gut, so please give me a workout that will do those things. Also, how can i speed up my fat loss? i want it done asap. I have a hill behind my house if that helps

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6 Responses to “how can i lose my fat? please help me?”

  1. Lɭαɱα Βyρroɗuϲʈ℠ ಥ_ಥ said :

    go up the hill and do a barrel roll

  2. mat l said :

    Every group of friends needs a fat kid, it’s your role in life just accept it. Impress all your friends with a truffle shuffle.

  3. G. Polo said :

    Losing fat and shaping up can take some time, but there are several tricks you can use to speed up the process.
    I would recommend watching your diet, eliminate everything that is extra and start moving. You don´t have to do anything crazy to see results.
    Check to learn how to make some quick changes.
    Here are five tiny changes you can do right now to lose weight fast:

  4. IThinkUrSerious said :

    diet and exercise really good. do a lot of cardio, crunches and sit ups.

  5. Levi Rybalov said :

    There are many ways to lose fat. Personally, I recommend joining your high school wrestling team (I wrestle right now, and I have seen it do wonders). Not only will it give you strength and endurance, but the practices tend to give you a full body workout that will help you lose weight much more quickly than joining a gym. If wrestling is not for you (I understand if it isn’t – the practices are the toughest you’ll get, even when compared to wrestling, swim, lacrosse, track, etc, and some guys just don’t feel comfortable doing it) then I recommend joining another sport (such as cross country). The only problem is that wrestling season is in the winter (it generally starts after Thanksgiving), so that will not solve your weight problem immediately.

    I know you will not want to hear this, but there is no easy way out when it comes to losing weight. You can fast, change your diet, etc, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you may just end up making your situation worse. Individuals tend to look for the easy way out, but the best results always come from hard work and dedication (they tend to be much more satisfying, too).

    There is hardly a month until school starts. If you really want to lose as much weight as possible (you will not look like you will want, but it will be a good start), start running every day. Get a good pair of running shoes and go on long, steady jogs (not sprints!). Watching your diet will definitely help, but this tends to be hard for most people. If you want a healthy diet, start eating a larger amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and light meats (chicken, turkey, etc.). Cut out all fast food and junk food. This will not only help you lose weight (by not making you gain more), but it will also leave you a healthier person and improve your stamina and vitality.

    Whatever you do, do not take diet pills or anything like that. The natural way is always the best. Getting there the hard way will give you a greater appreciation for the work it takes to get there, help you build character, and prevent you from gaining the weight back in the future (probably). This is not to mention that diet pills tend to have negative side effects…

    If you want any more advice, there is plenty of information on the internet. Just make sure to use many resources, because you will come to notice that much of the information, diets, etc. are bogus (in other words, use reliable resources).

  6. USAF Wife said :

    Guys always lose weight so much easier than girls. But this will help you. Don’t eat starches or fatty foods( usually any white food is bad for you!this incluedes, breads,pastas,mayo,dressing, potatos, SUGAR..So if you are a bread eater, stop or get whole wheat/grain there is also whole grain pasta or vegetable pasta that is better choice. the one thing that is white and is good is fish and chicken! just make sure its grilled or baked.). NO soda or artificial juices they have so much sugar. sugar = fat. if you cant give soda up try diet soda. Water is the best drink though. Make sure you add a lot of green food to your diet. And NO FASTFOOD! If you absolutely must, try eating the burger with no mayo no cheese and no bread. If you eat a salad, put the LEAST amount of dressing and no cheese. Dressing is just FAT. and work out, you can run up and down that hill a few times and around the neighbohood, if you have a treadmil, you can also do that. P90X is great too. As long as you are moving and sweating, its good! Sports is great too! Remember to hold your stomach tight when you are working out this also helps tighten muscles up. Good luck! I am sure you will look great!


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