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How can I lose fat quickly?

something I can try that isn’t very expensive at all.?
(Spring Break-Laguna Beach!)

I only want to lose about 5 or so pounds.

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2 Responses to “How can I lose fat quickly?”

  1. Smoke_Jaguar4 said :

    1. Stop drinking all soft drinks, including ‘diet’ sodas. Stick with water.
    2. Lean your diet by adding more proteins, reducing carbs, and moderating fats. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables too.
    3. Add some moderate exercise. Even just walking more can make a difference.

  2. hangover <3 said :

    If you want to lose weight do this:
    No binge eating No foods high in fat and cabs NO SODA.
    Eat veggies and fruits Exercise ( you start from 200 cals of work out then up to 400 cals, you can swim, walk or jog
    Drink green tea. ( You can see the benefits on internet)
    I did this and lost 17 kgs in 10 month.(I lost this much by eating junk foods and biscuits for 5 month) You could lose more kg if you work on it hard ( but don’t do it so hard if you are teen)


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