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How can I lose fat in and around my face?

I have kinda pudgy cheeks and a little bit of a double chin… Not bad, but something I’d definitely feel better about if I got rid of these… Any exercises or anything I could do to reduce the fat in my face and my double chin? How soon will I see results?


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2 Responses to “How can I lose fat in and around my face?”

  1. Jpiddy<3 said:

    if you lose weight in other places or just lose weight overall it usually slims down your face. i lose weight simply by playing DDR everyday for an hour it helps!

  2. Tammy Kay said:

    Overall weight loss will aid in the weight loss in your face. There are no targeted exercises that cause you to lose fat in your face and nowhere else. As you lose body weight your face will follow. It depends on how much you weigh overall, but at a weight loss rate of one to two pounds per week is healthy. Also keep in mind YOU probably won’t notice it in your face, but others will. You don’t see change as much because you look at your face every day.


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