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How can i lose fat and not muscle?

I have been working out for almost 8 months now, and ive been taking alot of calories to get big and strong. but ive got a small gut and some noticable fat when i take off my shirt. How can i steadily lose weight and keep all my muscle and strength?

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3 Responses to “How can i lose fat and not muscle?”

  1. The Wild Man said :

    Do the Lil Jack workout it really works

  2. Riv said :

    Did you know that sleep, and I mean quality sleep, can help you in losing fat? When you don’t sleep enough, your body becomes stressed. And when it is stressed, it triggers a lot of cortisol to enter into your system. Cortisol is what holds on to fat, especially in your belly. Check out this website for more information about this. And good luck!

  3. wrestler said :

    Try martial arts or this


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