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How can I lose fat and lose muscle?

I was thinking about losing muscle. I was told that if I stop working out, I will lose my muscle mass. Now that muscle had turned into either fat, or unused muscle. I want to lose the fat /unused muscle without gaining back anything and also lose some more muscle in the process. Help!

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7 Responses to “How can I lose fat and lose muscle?”

  1. stessidivoi said :

    what do you think you want to look like by losing fat and muscles … skeleton ?

  2. ny said :

    very intense exercising. If your pulse during it more than 16 beats a minute or more, it means you are losing muscle. It does not matter what you do, run, aerobics, cycling…. as far as your pulse is high

  3. kristinelawrence said :

    muscle does not turn into fat. and losing muscle is not a good idea. The only way you lose muscle is by starving yourself. Your body will start using itself as energy. eating itself from the inside out

  4. XxON3LOV3xX said :

    Why are you trying to lose MUSCLE?!?!? That’s the stuff that helps you burn cals and fat..the more you have the more you will burn, the more fat you will lose. Lose them both and you will look like a twig, be weak, and if you gain weight your metabolism willl be so slow it’ll take FOREVER to lose all of it again.
    Exercise aerobic (walking,swimming,etc.) +cardio.
    This helps burn fat, build lean muscle and strength.
    Good Luck

  5. Stillthere said :

    Muscle mass can not turn into fat. Fat cells and muscle cells are diffrent. Muscle cells can srink when you dont use them, but they dont turn into fat.

  6. lv_consultant said :

    muscle does not turn into fat, they are completely different cell structures it would be like turning an apple into an orange.

    when you stop working out muscles will decrease in cell volume or the amount of nutrients that are stored inside the muscle cell. it usually takes a lot for muscle to be catabolized for energy, a lot more than just being sedentary.

    you do not want to lose muscle mass, then you do your body fat % automatically increases and your metabolic rate slows making it easier to continually get fatter even at a reduce caloric intake. below as an example:

    woman A weighs 135 lbs with 25% body fat.
    135 * .25 = 33.75
    135 – 33.75 = 101.25
    she has 101 lbs of “non-fat” or muscle and 33.75 lbs of fat

    a loss of 15 lbs with 50% fat and 50% muscle would result in weighing 120 lbs with 30% body fat. the metabolic rate is decreased as there is less biologically active muscle mass.

    a young woman in the teens or early 20’s with 30% body fat will typically end up being in the 40% body fat range by the late 30’s early 40’s.

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