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How can i lose fat and gain muslce fast and effectively.?

I am 17, 5’10 195. I am a football player and have a kind of big build. I want to lose my pectoral and stomach fat. I want to get a six pack and have strong arms and legs but my everyday football conditioning and working out isn’t helping. What should i do to achieve my goals very fast? What are effective methods.

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2 Responses to “How can i lose fat and gain muslce fast and effectively.?”

  1. borah said :

    that berry stuff is a laxative….uuuugh. increase your water and ???? with your regiment i would say more running less breads…your body is on the Verge of changing again you should be loosing more body fat.

  2. luciditymaster said :

    If you’re football conditiong and working out aren’t helping you are eating too much. Period.

    Weight loss is a matter of calorie balance, eat less than you burn and you lose weight. If you want to lose weight then you need to either eat less or add in some more excersise in the form of running or whatever sort of cardio activity you want.

    You say you’re working out so you should be covered on building the neccessary muscle needed for your desired physique. Losing the fat will help reveal the muscle that is covered up by the layer of fat you currently have.

    Also understand that muscle building and fat loss come at the exclusion of each other. To gain muscle you need to gain mass, which can only be accomplished with a calorie surplus, and losing weight obviously requires a deficiet. As such the typical rountine is to cut to a desired weight and then begin a period where you bulk back up, eating plenty to build up muscle, and then cut back down when its time to “look good” again, usually summer.


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