how can i lose fat and gain muscle?

i’m 15, male. I just have sbelly fat, lovehandles and bum fat, thats it. I joined a gym, what is a workout i should do in order to lose my fat fast and gain muscle?i want to have a body like dmx or lil wayne, thats how i want to look, and as fast as possible too. Please give me intense workouts that torch fat. ALso, what else speeds up fat loss quite a bit?

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One Response to “how can i lose fat and gain muscle?”

  1. Rick The Brit (Spanner Thrower) said:

    Your diet time/patience & effort eg.
    Eat plenty of carbohydrates
    & turn the energy into pure muscle by
    strict training regime in gym.
    You will then look wonderful for the girlies.
    Or you can use steroids if that is what ur insinuating.
    Steroid pushers frequent most gyms.

    Either way, It will involve plenty of your time & effort but
    as the 1st reply insinuates,whats your purpose &
    you may still get hit by a truck tomorrow or
    some other thing happen & then what have got?
    Your training would then be about as much use as
    nailing jelly to the ceiling !

    Check these links dude


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