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How can I lose body fat quickly?

I’m in the Army and I am about to leave for AIT. Since I am considered prior service because I have already been through basic my BFP has to be lower than new recruits. I have about three weeks before I leave and I need to lose about 5%. Can someone please tell me how?

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3 Responses to “How can I lose body fat quickly?”

  1. Kewl Computer Soccer Nerd said :

    Try jogging in a sweat suit, i lost around 30lbs in 1 motnh with that, and doing some weight with that on, it’s also called a sauna suit, sold at walmart for bout $15. Get the black one, they are better.

  2. Lisa said :

    I’ve had success with these herbal body applicators.

  3. asambursky said :

    switch your diet to less carbs and less calories,
    and start jogging in a sauna suit. trust me it helps.
    also walk to work or ride your bike.
    you’ll lose the weight u need that way.


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