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how can i lose body fat fast/fussy eater?

i am a 17yo male, i am going on holiday late july and dont feel comfortable taking my top off as i have a bit of a belly and moobs and stretch marks because of it and i want to lose it before it gets any worse. my stomach is the only place of my body im uncomfortable with as the rest of my body is pretty much muscle. i am a really bad fussy eater so i find it hard to follow normal diets, is it possible to have a flat stomach by then and what sort of things should i eat ?

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One Response to “how can i lose body fat fast/fussy eater?”

  1. Summer said :

    You need to eat healthy food and exercise if you want to lose body fat and tone up. Eat lots of fruit and veg and stay away from any junk or processed foods and fizzy drinks. As long as you dont go over 1700 calories a day and you try and do 5 30 minute cardio sessions per week you will lose weight.


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