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How can i lose body fat, but not get too skinny?

I’m 5’8″ and 130 lbs. I’ve been exercising regularly for about six months now, and drinking a supplement protein shake, and have put on 10 pounds (i used to weigh 120). I mostly do situps, and lunges and stuff like that for my legs. I’ve recently started doing some midsection workouts because my belly started to roll over a bit. The thing is, i have like a layer of fat which is visible the moment that i apply the smallest amount of pressure to my skin, from my stomach to my ankles. I want to get rid of it. It makes me feel fat, even though i’m thin.
I try to eath healthy, but i do eat cake, and fried foods sometimes. What could i do to lose some body fat, but not lose too much inches off my body? I actually like that i fill out my clothes better now…

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One Response to “How can i lose body fat, but not get too skinny?”

  1. Abdel-rahim said :

    Hi, I need help. I seriously want to lose my weight. bye


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