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how can i lose belly fat fast and arm fat?

My stomach has gotten so big I can’t wear most of my pants, I throw on a big dress how do i get rid of fat flab from my upper arms.

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9 Responses to “how can i lose belly fat fast and arm fat?”

  1. misterine said :

    stop eating so much

  2. trucyy said :

    run (if you cant push yourself)
    walk around after eating
    instead drink a lot of water
    eat just the right amount
    dont pig out but dont starve yourself either
    no snacking

    trust me

  3. Peekaboo; I Love You ♥ said :

    to help flatten your tummy, lay on your back on the floor. Put your legs out and do them back and forth, like pedaling a bicycle.
    To lose weight, Quit drinking soda pop, even diet soda. Start drinking water.
    When you eat your meals, take smaller portions on your plate, take small bites, and chew your food slow. While chewing your food, put your fork down on the table, that way you do not stuff your mouth.
    For breakfast, eat a bowl of Cheerios, Special K, or Oatmeal Crisp cereal, with Skim Milk.
    For Lunch, eat a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, with Fat free mayo or Mustard.
    For dinner, eat some type of Lean Meat, a vegetable, and a salad.
    Between meals, and in the evening, if you get hungry, eat some dry cereal.

  4. Mary S said :

    only one way. gonna have to go anerexic

  5. ~~ஐAmuXIkutoFanஐ~~ said :

    Do crutches or sit ups or push ups (push ups also works for arms) and eat healthy drink 3 glasses water a day.

    Here are arm exercises-
    1) Diamond pushups – Use your fingers to create a diamond shape while doing sets of pushups. Four to five times a week of doing this would give you noticeable results.

    2) Tricep dips – Use a material with a solid surface, like a table. Facing away from the table, place the heels of your hands on the edge and slowly walk your legs away from your body. With your weight on your hands, lower your body slowly. Do this 15 times in three sets.
    4) Backward lifts – Stand with your legs apart. Holding dumbbells in each hand, lift your arms backward slowly and as far as you can go. The hands should be facing backwards in this routine.

    5) Tricep extensions – Hold a dumbbell in both hands and raise the arms over the head until your elbows are forming a 90-degree angle. Do this for at least 30 times.

    Good luck.

    P.S. It doesn’t need to be dumbells if you don’t have any.

  6. douglas p said :

    Diet, and I don’t mean some crazy fad diet until you get where you want to be. I am talking about creating for yourself a new life diet, just study up what your body would require in calories for the weight you wish to be, follow that and you will evetually get there and maintain it. Keep a daily log in a little mini notebook until you get the use to it, that way if you go a little over one day, you can keep track and bounce back the next. Also its nice when you can have a cheat day on account of being way under. Last off, water, water and more water.

  7. Hannah said :

    If your just wanting to get rid of fat you have to cut your calories and do cardio. In the end you need to burn more calories than you put into your body.

    It helps to build a little muscle, because muscle burns fat. But also be aware that muscles take up space, so if you work them too much and don’t create lean muscle you will still look large with muscle.

    Pilates and Callenetics (will look like it is from the 80’s but is amazing) have great exercises to tone you up fast and create a slim looking body.

  8. mocha said :

    Once you start your journey don’t give in!
    Good Luck!

  9. Haphran said :

    Hi Kitty! The truth of the matter is that you can’t target weight loss to specific areas of your body with exercise. Sit-ups, crunches and push ups, while great for building and toning muscle, actually burn very little fat.

    The best way (only healthy way) to lose fat is through a healthy diet and doing cardio type exercises. Check out the article below for more info…


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