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How can i lose a lot of weight fast ?

I am 102 pounds and i want to lose weight fast!! Is there anything i could do to get back to like in the 60’s
Im only 12 like i would want to lose 7 pounds al least

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9 Responses to “How can i lose a lot of weight fast ?”

  1. daysofourliveslover said :

    I hope and pray you are not serious. you need to seek help asap!!!!! u are already underweight, my 13 year old brother weighs more than you(and he’s average size)

  2. Victor P said :

    how tall are you, 60 is way too low

  3. Ellieee said :

    Noo no no.
    That is very unhealthy unless your like 2 dont do it.

  4. spillihpbrab said :

    Well, if you get down to the 60’s, you’ll die. So I wouldn’t even bother trying if I were you. We don’t want you dead!

  5. Lindsey S said :

    are you nuts? why would you want to be in the 60s??? your body will die you will not survive long! how old are you and what’s your height?!

  6. Boom Boom Boom said :

    Starve yourself, which I don’t recommend. Or join a soccer team. They make you work out like crazy.

  7. Ultimate guru said :

    bitch are you crazy

  8. Solecito said :

    Try to eat healthy and avoid snacks. The following website helped me a lot to lose weight:

    They give you useful advice and a diet…

    Good luck!

  9. Dashy said :

    Sixty pounds is pretty low unless you are a midget, No doubt you are fine.



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