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how can i loose weight quickly..? any suggestions?

the annual promenade at our school will be held this january.. and i want to look gorgeous on the big night! i really need to loose weight! please help me!

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12 Responses to “how can i loose weight quickly..? any suggestions?”

  1. yellow said :

    Some people actually fast to get it off, thats what models do to prep for a job. If you’re going to give fasting a shot I suggest you be careful because if you don’t do it properly especially when you break your fast you’ll gain all the weight back and probably gain more. So you can get books on that. But for a safer and sure lose option you should go for diet and excercise.

  2. jum b said :
  3. Swou said :

    Why don’t you try the 3 day diet? You should be able to loss 10 pounds in 3 days if you follow it EXACTLY? And yes, me, my friends and family have tried it and we’ve all lost weight.

    Note it was developed by the American Heart Association.

  4. K H said :

    Fasting may seem like a quick way to lose it…..but you can’t fast for a month!! Usually fasting a few days or a week at the most is what most people do. If you don’t already exercise and eat well, you need to start now…..(and stay away from all the good stuff on christmas!) Get a membership at a health club for a month to help burn off some of the fat. (you have to at least go 3 times a week to benefit from it) Do a lot of cardio and it is also a good idea to lift weights. Just stay away from lots of soda and junk….eat lots of veggies and if you consume meat eat more chicken and fish (as long as it isn’t fried!) You’ll be losing weight… didn’t specify how much you think you’d like to lose? I hope this helps you out.

  5. Belize69 said :

    For quick weight loss that worked for me here is my recipe.

    Breakfast: 3 tbsp cottage cheese, 2 cheese sticks and as much fruits as you want.

    1 can of tuna and a large salad for lunch and dinner. You can
    jazz it up with cheese but no croutons.

    Drink as much water as you want throughout the day!

    Here is the kicker though; low impact exercise. Go for a walk or ride a bike a few blocks 2-3 times per week.

    I am not a nutritionist, this is something that I did because I had to lose about 15 lbs at the time.

  6. mrs_hucks said :

    now one thing u should know is that weight dosent come off quickly u have too work. one way is to stop eating starches and only eat proteins and vegetables because starch turns into sugar and sugar turns into fat.also i go to lucille roberts the women gym and my personal trainer tells me to drink plenty of water and walk.and i lost plenty of weight!good luck

  7. booboo said :

    Cut back on your eating, try eating just vegetables and fruit and a small piece of meat, exercise goes a long way towards burning calories, and take a multi vitamin to help make sure you get enough nutrition.

  8. Tennile said :

    Your best bet is to do 3 hours of cardio a day and drink a lot of water. This is really hard, because you waited a while to start a workout plan.

  9. Grace J said :

    You might think about trying this book called “The Movie Star Diet” by Steve Simmons. It helped me lose thirty pounds in 2 1/2 months when I didn’t think anything would work. My goal to begin with was only 20 lbs! It has a really easy plan to follow and an excellent workout as well.

  10. john r said :

    Hoodia is really useful in loosing your weight as research on Hoodia Gordonii indicates that it is the real deal. Hoodia has been shown to be safe and effective in reducing weight.

    Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pill Information
    Hoodia gordonii cactus is the plant with the new wonder ingredient that curbs one’s appetite and helps one to slim. Hoodia gordonii is actually a succulent plant from the Kalahari desert, home of the San People. The San have been using the Hoodia gordonii succulent for centuries to stave off hunger during their long and ardeous hunting trips in the harsh South African wild. Now you too can lose weight with this miracle diet pill.
    Hoodia has been affecting lives for possibly a thousand years in the African desert, now it can have a positive impact on your weight loss. Hoodia is the name of a cactus like plant that is a native of Africa. There are many types Hoodia Gordonii, the one found in Africa has been found to produce excellent weight loss results. The power of Hoodia is in the effect it produces on the appetite. Some believe that Hoodia may be the most powerful appetite suppressant ever discovered.
    Hoodia Gordonii NO Side EFFECTS
    It was obvious from the beginning that Hoodia would prove to be safe because the San Bushmen of Africa had been eating it as part of their diet for hundreds of years. When questioned they reported no bad side effects to the consumption of the plants.

    BNEFITS OF Hoodia Gordonii
    It takes some serious know-how to lose body fat. Losing weight also takes increasingly heightened awareness. Lastly, to lose body fat triumphantly for both the short term and the long term, you must couple technical expertise along with your emotional

  11. hrblfmayn said :

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  12. apple_sass_4 said :

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