How can i loose weight quickly and effectively?

Being bullied the majority of my school life due to my weight i have decided that something really needs to be done about my size. I am nearly 19 years old and currently in a UK size 22/24. I would really love to loose weight for my confidence mainly.
Being young I would really like to see fast achievements for summer. I would love to be able to just fit into some nice fashionable clothes by around august time.
I know its expecting a lot but if anyone knows any quick effective weight loss advice i would reall really appreciate it, thank you x (sorry it was long)

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5 Responses to “How can i loose weight quickly and effectively?”

  1. Relesy said:

    Ok, do lots of stuff in the summer. Go running, do sit-ups, rock climbing’s really fun, um… Maybe join a sport. Actually exercising makes you feel better. ^-^

  2. Zimia said:

    French Women Don’t Get Fat. Its a awesome book!!! full of recipes and everything!!! i borrowed it from my sister and wow! it changes your diet slowly. its written by a french woman who now lives in the US or Paris. I think you can get in in the UK, i dont know, i live in the USA. its great, tho! look it up! a mouse click away!

  3. Montel said:

    I know I know, want me to tell ya? Well ok I’ll tell ya then if you really insist, Are you sure? Ok I’m tellin ya, Use a 13 inch chainsaw. K Gummydrop?

  4. Emzie123 said:

    I think you know what to do. Exercise! Something that gets your heart beating.DDoesn’tmatter what it is. LOOOL TO Montel!

  5. B R N said:

    Well I would recommend taking dietary pills and while on it you also have to workout but when you combine with a diet and exercise it can be one of the most effective weight loss. you could try acai dietary pills they work best. if your in USA it would be easier to get these dietary pills but if your in UK im not sure about that. jst try searchin for acai berry dietary pills online if you want to order one. When it comes to exercise I would recommend you doing crunches, jog for like 2 miles at least or jog for 45 min. or so on a day. Hope this helps.


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