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How can i loose weight on my arms? w/o turning it to muscle? i want them to be slimmer at the tops how can i?

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7 Responses to “How can i loose weight on my arms? w/o turning it to muscle? i want them to be slimmer at the tops how can i?”

  1. labia69 said :

    Push ups are great for losing fat out of arms and in return you gain muscle which gives you a solid slim line also helps shoulders, stomach, and your back. Win, win for your whole upper body. Just make sure you do them correctly to get the best results

  2. Dani M said :

    you have to have muscle to burn off fat, not alot people know that but its very true!

    I have a nell mcandrew fitness DVD and on the 3rd part of it they concentrate on arms, shaping defining and getting rid of bingo wings etc, you should look into it

    But my doing weights you’re not going to become this big muscley person, it will burn off the fat first. And if you want to just lose fat then the only way is by going on a diet but you wont lose weight in a specific place like your arms, it will come off everywhere

  3. originata said :

    Fat and muscle are 2 different things. You cannot turn fat into muscle or vice versa. Also, you cannot specifically lose fat in specific parts of your body. Burning fat doesn’t work the same way as gaining muscle. When your body is burning fat for fuel, you cannot selectively choose which body part it comes from no matter what exercises you do.

    If you want to burn fat, you are going to have to definitely improve your diet and perhaps do cardio a few times per week.

  4. Nikki said :

    When you lose weight it usually goes from the head down. Diet and exercise should help to make your arms slimmer. You can also do push-ups, pull ups, light weights, etc. to tone your arms.

  5. Dylan L said :

    Unfortunately there is no way to target where you loose fat. Diet and exercise are what you need to start loosing weight, your body uses the excess fat for fuel. Your body can’t selectively take fat from certain areas of your body.

    Doing cardio exercise (walking, biking, running) will burn calories and tone up your muscles with out bulking you up.

    Good luck with your weight loss.

  6. medimum10 said :

    you need to tone and stretch your muscles,tai chi and yoga are easy forms of exercise for strength, flexibility and calmness of mind, otherwise pilates which is harder work but faster results

  7. ♥ Laula ♥ said :

    god tell me how hunni, i hate my arms at the top , they are vile xxxx

    to be honest i think just exercising, but then again how this wil affect ur arms is another matter xxxx

    luv and hugs xxxx


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