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How can I loose weight fast before summer?

I am 13 and going on a monsterously important trip this summer but i need to loose weight to look good in that bikini, I am willing to try anything, Please Please help

P.S. Nothing where I have to buy stuff like pills & suplements ect.

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7 Responses to “How can I loose weight fast before summer?”

  1. billy25685 said:

    Eat healthier, eat smaller portions, be more active and outgoing, less concerned about weight

  2. mardy.bum92 said:

    Exercise on an empty stomach so it burns off the fat on your body already.
    Then eat healthy and drink lots of water.

  3. Tom said:

    One loses weight, not looses.

    You eat less and exercise more. One pound is about 3500 calories, so burn/reduce that many calories and you will lose one pound.

  4. volleyball87 said:

    im gonna give you some facts to know why im giving you the plan im about to give you.
    Fact 1- starving yourself only makes the fat pockets shrink, but once you eat again, the pockets expand VERY quickly. so dont try to starve yourself AND dont skip any meals, it will do you more harm then good.
    Fact 2- a calorie is only a measurment of how much energy the food gives you. If you dont use up that energy, it turns to fat. Thats why on cardio equipment, it tells you how much calories you lost.
    Fact 3- there are many people out there trying to lose weight but cant because they dont have motivation. So heres the motivation i will give you. Whenever you feel like giving up say to yourself “this is rediculous, i need to stop being so lazy…WORKOUT, ” and also you can picture yourself in june looking like a model, that will definetly inspire you. Another thing is, remember that if you skip even one day, it could get you off track for the rest of the week wich is a very bad thing.
    Fact 4- Remember that junk food is evil and will make you fat.
    Fact 5- Listen to fact 1 2 3 and 4.
    OKAY, now that thats over….
    being as how your a girl and dont want to be completely muscular like a guy..
    You need to jog a minute malk a minute for 30 minutes straight. so jog/walk/jog/walk/jog/walk etc.
    Then you need to do at least 50 sit-ups.
    and the last thing you need to do, is a 25 minute cardio of the biggest loser dvd. the workout. I own it. SO…if your parents dont own it…i strongly reccomend that you email me ([email protected]) and say…. “im that one girl on yahhoo answers, and…i need you to send me the moves for the biggest workout dvd…” then i will send a video of me doing the workout so that you know the moves. OR look it up on youtube, THE BIGGEST LOSER THE WORKOUT CARDIO. or something like that, and theres a girl who made a video like that, but it was shortened, so you have to do the exersizes longer then what she did because she showed you all the moves, but shortened in time.
    Remember not to overeat, and also remember to eat small snacks, and never starve yourself.
    heres an example of healthy day of eating.
    BREAKFAST-waffle, no butter, 1 tablespoon of syrup with a glass of skim milk and an apple.
    SNACK-A bannana and some green tea
    LUNCH- whatever is for school lunch, but try to eat only the healthy stuff.
    SNACK-some mini carrot sticks.
    DINNER- whatever your mom made, unless its greasy…or its pizza… or anything thats too unhealthy. instead make a salad or peanut butter sandwich.

    -i make a food diary, in it i put how much i ate and of what i ate. , i put how much i exersize and what i did….i label the page with a date etc. and i put what my first goal is.
    -if you go to and click on menu planner…you can make an account, enter in what you ate and how much of it throughout the day, and see if your staying under your calorie budget.
    despite that the pyramid says, you need to eat ONLY about 1400 calories when your trying to lose weight, so stay away from 1800 like it will probably say.
    this is all i have to offer, so i hope it helped…vote me as best answer? OR answer one of my questions. thankkkkk you 🙂

  5. Sabrinaa_ said:

    Breakfast – 2 Slices of Toast
    Lunch – An Apple and A Glass Of Water
    DInner – Soup,Spagetti, ( Anything thats less than 400 cal)
    No Snack I’m Afraid :L

    Excercise – 10 Sit Ups…10 Press Ups….Walking for 30 Mins A Day
    I’m 13 aswell and trust this works! x
    I’ve lost 9 ilbs from this in 2 weeks.
    Hope This Helps x

  6. EPOX said:

    ok first of all, you’re 13- I wouldn’t worry about your weight (unless you’re obese), and a bikini? geez you’re not in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue fer cryin out loud

    but generally-
    quit eating about 4 hours before you go to bed
    graze more: meaning- eat more times throughout the day, never eating anything much larger than your fist
    the only times you should ever be hungry are nearing bedtime and try to be quite hungry when you wake up
    if you have any large meal at all it should be breakfast- and as a matter of fact, try to eat a large bkfast, then stick to the fist-sized grazing
    never eat fast food (or maybe once a week)
    read food labels- if you don’t know what something is, don’t eat it! (triglyceride… hydrogenated… )
    cut out high fructose corn syrup
    drastically limit eating anything you wouldn’t eat straight out of the fridge (ex: meats, 2 day old fast food burger, …
    cooking food makes it easier to digest… which means: it is harder to digest! and hence typically more caloric
    figure out how to eat as many different types of veggies from the grocery store as you can:
    do you know how to peel an avocado? get some and YouTube how-to- and get some low fat corn tortilla chips! many corn chip brands are corn, water, oil– simple and relatively healthy
    do you know how to cook an artichoke?
    can you peel a mango?
    know how to prep a pineapple?
    know how to cook cabbage? mmmm ok with cabbage adding some bacon would be ok but because it is soooo delicious

    burning calories:
    start cleaning your house- make it a game- use both hands equally- crawl on all fours while doing it
    your folks might even give you a few bucks for it

    look up some yoga stretches on YouTube also

    save up your money from cleaning and buy a big goofy sun hat and an ice cream for some cute nerdy guy you see out by the pool/lake

    eating well is always good

    obsessing about your weight and appearance isn’t all that good, so don’t worry about it ridiculously!

  7. AngelaFavs said:

    try this website, The Truth About Lose Weight Fast Diets, it should be able to help you out


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