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How can i loose weight and fast?

What is a good way to loose weight fast that dosn’t’ cost money?

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3 Responses to “How can i loose weight and fast?”

  1. Gragg said :

    The non-healtiest way of losing weight – Throwing up the food you just ate, I suggest not doing that.

    Healtiest way – Eat better and execise more.

    Hope that helped.

  2. pobreng tawo said :

    you’ll just have to suit yourself with ice cream and 2 bottles of beer for each meal 1 week straight. that way you’ll surely have diarrhea for a week or more. fast and effective way to loose weight.

    there is one effective way, however, of losing weight but for sure it will take a lot of time. a combination of diet and frequent exercise always prove to be a sure way of losing one’ excess weight.

    my advice? opt for the latter

  3. Tony H said :

    you can just cut out carbohydrats out of your diet and dont drink any soda and doing some kind of aerobic exercise like dancing helps to i recomend 30 minutes to an hour of dancing it helps to dance with songs that have fast beats that way you dance faster and work up a sweat here are a few songs with fast beats i recomend you dance to night at the roxbury the sound track and havana dance remix by kenny g. and remember always consult your doctor befor starting any exercise


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