how can i loose weight?

Im trying to weight quickly . . . what can i do

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4 Responses to “how can i loose weight?”

  1. Lauren <3 said:

    cut down on your junk food.
    eat lots of fruits and veggies.
    try to eat as little carbs as possible(bread +pasta mostly)
    excercise at least 20 minutes a day!!!

  2. zuperkrypto said:

    Cardio, Cardio, cardio!!!!!!! Run in the morning and run in the evening. Eat clean and say no to alcohol sweets and junk food.

  3. chea said:

    A good way to lose weight is to actually eat. But not simply eat anything, eat well planned out meals that contain carbohydrates, some protein, your veggies, and grains. That and along with exercise should help you lose weight and gain some muscle at the same time. You can also try adding ground chili pepper to what you eat to increase your metabolism. EXERCISE is key though and make sure you don’t eat to many calories or saturated fats. As well as drinking plenty of water!

  4. Rewind said:

    Try to do push ups or jog around the neigberhood and dont eat fat foods like chips cake and don’t eat past 10:00pm at nioght itll make you chubby.


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