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How Can I loose at least ten pounds fast?

I am fifteen and I always get made fun of because of my Weight. I would really like to loose some weight before school starts on the 27th. But there is a few problems. I dnt have much money to do anything “Special” and I have diabetes. I am very confused on how to loose weight because of my diabetes. So I can eat any ting that is too low in carbs, unless I adjust my insulin. I cant exactly do that very easily. So I was wondering if anyone could help? And also, I have a trampoline, If I could some how incorporate that. And if so how. I juss want something that will work quickly so I could loose weight and not have people make fun of me anymore and so I can be more comfortable in my own skin.

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One Response to “How Can I loose at least ten pounds fast?”

  1. Kitty said :

    I’ve heard that certain people with diabetes can lose weight very quickly if they stop taking their medication; but DON’T DO IT!
    I’m sure you’ll hear it somewhere else anyway, so don’t do it, it can lead to very serious health complications and in very serious cases, death.
    I’m trying to lose a stone, and I’ve found that aerobics works for me as well as not eating fatty foods, but something different may work for you.
    Good luck with your weight loss 🙂


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