How can I loose 20 lbs quickly? [not too quick]?

I know if you loose weight fast you’re more likely to gain it back quicker but i’m sick of this weight! I’m between 5’5 and 5’6 and i weigh about 157-158 pounds. I eat because i’m bored.
i hate running so i’m always laying around.
ugh. i need to make running fun… any ideas?
Another thing, i don’t want to have to do tons of different types of excersice because i’m not really into building muscle, so will running make me lose weight everywhere? i’ve heard that it will but i have my doubts.
thanks for the answers but can we not stress the lazy part? because it makes the nice answer look so mean and makes you look mean too. [yes, i am talking about one person in particular.

YES I AM LAZY! let’s not stress it.

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6 Responses to “How can I loose 20 lbs quickly? [not too quick]?”

  1. camarobabe said:

    Well, you’re not going to lose weight quickly without exercise. To make it more fun, get some cds with music you like to dance to. Then dance!!! It’s movement and more fun than regular exercise…… Also, increase your water intake significantly. I work with a guy that recently lost 23 lbs in about a month (and has kept it off for about 6 months now) by just switching to almost all water for beverages. He drinks a gallon over the course of a day–every day.

  2. qtpatootie1995 said:

    I would recomend changing your diet maybe try this:

    Burger – Steak
    Chips – Popcorn (not kettlecorn)
    Soda – Orange juice
    And many more!!!

    You can also try this smoothie.
    Heres the ingredients:

    Strawberries (about 5)
    Frozen Bluberries
    Orange Juice
    And Finally, Ice.

    Hope I helped, and dont stress to much!!!!

  3. Jasmine G said:

    Keep yourself busy. Play a game, make something, anything that will keep your mind off of food. It worked for me.

  4. signerbrie said:

    Well, first of all you need to be motivated and you sound like you’re lacking that. Maybe running isn’t for you, they key to loosing weight especially when working out is finding something that you enjoy and that works for you. Sounds like you need some positive encouragement. Good luck.

  5. acrumble05 said:

    You’re lazy, and your body’s laziness and immobility is making you fat.

    Do simple things. You don’t have to go on a diet. You don’t have to stop eating. You don’t have to exercise like crazy day and night.

    Just start eating MORE of the foods that are GOOD for you. And walk, move around, dance, jump rope, vacuum, do anything to get your bones and muscles stimulated to increase your body’s metabolism. Here’s a plan:

    — Eat something small every three-four hours or six times a day:
    -This means eating fresh fruits like an apple, a grapefruit, half a pint of blueberries, a banana, an orange, or you can eat a can of tuna with a little bit of mayonnaise, with some unsalted crackers or on a slice of bread (white or wheat – doesn’t matter).

    – Never eat full meals, always eat ALL DAY LONG, little by little (three scrambled eggs with half a grapefruit for breakfast at 9am, half a pint of blueberries at 11 oclock, can of tuna with mayonnaise and crackers at 2 o clock, more fruit at 5 oclock, one steak and aspargus in olive oil for at 7 or 8) that’s just an example of meals.

    — You don’t have to limit yourself. Eat what you like, just make sure that you stay away from as much sugar as possible, and this includes foods with lots of corn syrup, and syrup itself. It’s okay to eat foods with fat and calories, the REAL problem that will make you fat is SUGAR because you’re lazy, so the sugar isn’t burning off, it’s turning straight into the kind of fat that will stick in your belly and on your thighs. So stay away from sugars, cake, milk chocolate (eat dark chocolate instead), sodas, juices. Only drink LOTS of water, and 100% fruit juice.
    Look at the label of the juice you buy and make sure it’s 100% (This is important because juice that is 100% fruit juice contains sugars that are naturally in good fruits and those types of sugars are good for your body. Regular fruit juice has corn syrup in it and contains unnatural flavors and BAD sugars, that turn into fat and are bad for your body).

    – It’s okay to eat pizza, tacos, and whoppers from Burger King, just remember to NOT eat these all the time. Do not eat out more than twice a week, and only eat HALF of what you get if you eat out for pizza, tacos, buffalo wings, and burgers and fries. Stay away from potatoes and dairy products (milk is only good for you when you’re under 12 years old). Eat broccoli instead (if you don’t like broccoli, take vitamins for calcium, or eat those chocolate-flavoured vitamins for calcium). Make sure you eat tuna because it’s quick meat and filled with protein. Steak is good, too, and don’t be afraid to eat sausage and chicken. Meat is actually GOOD for us. Just don’t eat it in very large amounts at a time and always add lots of fresh vegetables.
    Keep fresh fruit in the fridge, and bottled water — and during every meal, drink lots and lots of water, this will make you feel more full and you won’t be able to eat so much. Also if you’re bored and want to eat, why eat something sloppy like a hot pocket or some greasy fried chicken? Eat fresh fruit instead. Also stay away from potato chips UNLESS they’re baked.

    That’s about it. Not lots of exercise at all, but you should be at least going for a walk around the block or something because movement is good for your mind and your body, and you won’t be so bored. Try reading a book or something instead of lying around being lazy.

    Also — NEVER eat anything within three hours of going to sleep. If you eat and you think that’s your last meal for the night before going to sleep, do not eat anything else. If you’re going to bed by 10pm, you shouldn’t eat anything else after 7:30, period. Only drink lots of water. When you sleep on foods that are in your body, it’s a plan to gain weight because your metabolism is not very high at all while you’re asleep.

  6. Eric G said:

    Well this is the best thing ive found to loose so quick pounds good luck!!!


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