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How Can I Increase Fiber in my Diet?

There are a lot of good reasons why increasing fiber in one’s diet is beneficial to one’s health. Eating foods that are rich in fiber can provide a lot of benefits to one’s general health. A diet that is high on giber can help in decreasing the levels of cholesterol which helps in eliminating the chances of heart diseases and even cancer. There are a lot of ways for individuals to increase their fiber intake.

Taking of fruits and vegetables helps in increasing regular fiber intake. Dietary fiber is usually found in foods that are made from plants, thus increasing the intake of raw fruits is a big help. For better results, it is recommended that a person takes a minimum of 5 portions of vegetables and fruits in a day. Fruits that are very good sources of fiber are apples, pears, berries, and prunes. Vegetables like carrots, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, and potatoes likewise can increase the fiber intake of a person.

Adding fiber to one’s diet can also resolve various digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and diverticulosis. Adding whole grain items to one’s shopping list is a good way to boost one’s fiber intake.

Eating whole wheat bread is more recommended than eating white bread. Those who prefer to eat rice can try brown rice in place of white rice. Beans are likewise good sources of fibers, and taking of cooked beans regularly can also increase one’s fiber intake.

There are some people who, however, suffer from a couple of side effects from the sharp increase of their fiber intake. There are people who suffer from stomach cramps, bloating, and gas once they increase their intake of fiber. But these side effects can be prevented by implementing small changes and slowly increasing their intake of fiber-rich foods.

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