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How Can I Get Thinner with a Low Fat Diet?

Most people do not realize that a low fat diet, despite its seeming simplicity, is a lot more complicated. A lot of people think that they if they eat foods that are labeled reduced fat or low fat, they are maintaining a low fat diet. But in reality, the total caloric intake of a person is composed only of 30% of fat, and even lower. It means that a diet that is based on 2000 calories must contain only 600 calories that comes from fat. People try to maintain a low fat diet to lower their total fat and reduce health risks like heart disease which are connected to increased cholesterol. A lot of people are having troubles keeping up a low fat diet since they do not like counting the calories, and they are not adept at identifying the total fat in their foods. But true to be told, it is not hard to maintain a low fat diet.

We should also realize that fats are necessary for a good health. Fat is used in the storage of energy and the absorption of certain vitamins. Any diet that is low in cholesterol and saturated fat will provide the best health benefits. In keeping track of the total fat in one’s diet, it is important that a person learns how to read nutritional labels indicated on the foods that one buys and eats.

The rule of thumb is that a low fat diet must not exceed 65 grams of fat every day. Good sources of food that are low in saturated fats are nuts, grains, fish, and fruits. Reading the nutritional labels on packaged foods will give a person an idea on the amount of grams of total fat in every serving. Paying attention to serving sizes is also important.

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