How can I get slimmer instead of buffer while working out?

I am already a fairly thick woman and I have quite a strong figure but when ever I work out I get buffer and buffer when I rather get slimmer…how can I make this possible without gaining all muscle and no weight loss? PLease help

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3 Responses to “How can I get slimmer instead of buffer while working out?”

  1. tchem75 said:

    more reps less weight also throw a moderate amount of cardio and you will reduce the bulkiness..

  2. Donna M said:

    That is correct about lighter weights, more reps and some cardio. But also make sure you aren’t eating too many calories. There is something else to consider — this may be your body type. My daughter is a vegetarian who works out with martial arts and other activities, but she is naturally a “bulky” person. It’s just the way her body is shaped.

  3. said:

    Try running or walking on the treadmill.


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