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How can i get slimmer calves?

I have huge calves and i HATE them SO much! They’re thick and muscular, but they stick out instead of being stick straight like my friends. I look terrible when i wear capris or shorts, how can i get my calves to be slimmer?

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7 Responses to “How can i get slimmer calves?”

  1. Debbie said :

    eat less, move more.

  2. rockstarskater999 said :

    walk alot and jog

  3. Ampersand said :

    She said her calves were muscular, so I don’t think eating too much (i.e. gaining excess fat) is the problem.

    Do you play intense sports or do anything that involves sprinting? Things like that build up considerable muscle mass. The key to having toned and slimmer muscles is to do less intense movements/exercises, but for more time. For example, if you run – instead of sprinting, run at a slower speed but for a longer period of time.

  4. Ashkat said :

    I have thick calves too. I got it from my mom. If you excercise like running or walking up stairs it might just make them more muscular. So its hard to day. Its all muscle.

  5. francisjessica84 said :

    You know what,I have the exact same issue from years of dance. Unfortunately you can’t reduce muscle tissue without dangerous diets, but Pilates can lengthen and shape your muscles.

  6. chump said :

    Start running every day for 30 minutes, that will slim your legs down. As far as muscle that is there because of genetics, unless you work off a ladder all day. Eat leaner meat and fresh fruit and vegetables. Take a B complex with C to help with energy level.
    Your only hope is to lose all the fat and live with the muscle.

  7. Ugg Boots said :

    That’s Ok.


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