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How can I get slimmer arms? is there a specific exercise I can do without getting muscly arms?

i would just like thin feminine arms

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16 Responses to “How can I get slimmer arms? is there a specific exercise I can do without getting muscly arms?”

  1. Ise said :

    Light weights and maaaany reps!

  2. Tay said :

    Oh man I have the same question!!!

  3. Haylie B said :

    Diet and excercise. I’ve been swimming for 2 months and I’ve lost 2 stone and an inch and a half from each arm

  4. Marie H said :

    Stand erect and move your arms in small circles, at your side. You will get a little toned but not with all the muscles that come with lifting.

  5. jaime said :

    Cardio, with light weight training.

  6. pounder said :

    lighter weight more repetitions. i saw it on an infomercial this morning

  7. Capri7 said :

    I have the same problem.

  8. Jackie said :

    try the classic aerobic class movements: up, front, down, sides

    also doing it with little weights help 🙂

  9. kay_flood said :

    2 to 3 pound hand weights and many many many repetitions of exercises, here is a website with a lot of good ones.

  10. christx1337 said :


    You can do ANYTHING that gets a sweat going, you will thin up, but you wont really “gain muscle”, anything you do does help your muscles though, so you will obtain strength, but if you don’t lift much weight and such, you will not gain mass, something i get the feeling you don’t care for. you can lift small weights and work a good sweat, and you will start to thin, just making sure you know that you CAN lift weight.

    Ex. holding weights while you do steps (the women you see on tv walking up and down on the boxes)

  11. Peach said :

    First off unless you work out every day for hours a day you never have to worry about ever getting muscular arms. Use weights light at first and then when it seems to be light use more weight. Do your triceps and biceps. Do a few different exericises. 3 sets of each about 12 reps each. Also do it until if burns now and then.

  12. Tattoo Ted said :

    You need to do a high number of reps with small weights. Try 3 sets of 15 bicep and tricep curls with a light dumbell. If you don’t have a dumbell, a tin of beans will do. Do this every other day.

    Bicep curl: Hold the dumbell or can at your side, bend your elbow and lift to your shoulder

    Tricep curl: Hold the dumbell or can above your head with a straight arm, bend your elbow and lower the weight behind your head

    Count slowly to 3 each time you lower or raise the weight

    You should see results in 4-6 weeks.

  13. Melissa A said :

    Arm Circles

    Spread your arms straight out on both sides of your body, then move your arms in a circular motion to make little circles.

    ( I don’t know if my description is clear. Sorry if it’s not)

  14. LoRd_BoOZ3 . said :

    why would you run if you have to get your arms slim? well ok you can heatup but as the above said, arm circles,rotations all all handy exercises…eventually add lil lightweights.. well i am weird but i had my arms in the vapours of boiled water..just like a sauna..

  15. Alex b said :

    Cant believe the amount of rubbish answers on here.

    news flash people, low weights and heavy reps do not produce toning! There is no such thing.

    im actually laughing out loud at this guy who calls himself a trainer if hes suggesting that!

    toning, so you call it, is either due to fat loss so you can see the muscles more, or building muscles as they are easier to see as they are larger/ feel firmer.

    i ask anyone in the whole of the internet to scientifically tell me how doing light weights for lots of reps tones? you cant. anything over 12-15 reps and your just training for endurance. granted they wont get much bigger, but why would oyu train your arms so that you can do 30 curls with a tiny Weight? using only the bicep which will burn hardly any extra caloires at all?exercising way to get slimmer arms is to loss body fat by eating less and excercising more.
    its shouldnt matter what rep ranges you do a you only put on muscle by eating alot. this skinny guys who go to the gym and dont grow are like that cos they dont eat enough! you need building blocks in order to build a house dont you.

    rep ranges from 3-5 are mainly for strength and so dont really build much muscle at all, 8-12 is more muscle building. and after that its hypertrophy.

    overall you want slim arms, you have to make your body slim. end of. you want firmer arms? (as in the muscles a tiny bit bigger but nothing manly) then do press ups and dips on a bench or chair.

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