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How can i get slim legs?

I want to start losing weight off my legs to make them slimmer but i don’t know what i need to do. Any suggestions?
Oh yeah i play soccer once a week so i don’t know if that affects them at all…

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6 Responses to “How can i get slim legs?”

  1. Sali said:

    if you go regularly to the gym concentrate on exercices for legs but keep it up.

  2. Jo-Jo LUV<3 said:

    well, if you are a soccer player like me then you may have strong calfs, if your legs are bigger then you want to be then you should try weight training or swimming. swimming is a very good job to lose weight or even gain muscle and increase your weight! i am a swimmer and i have swam for 11 years (I’m 13) and i weigh 122 pounds and it’s all muscle including my legs! so i really hope this helps!

  3. jade.oaxaca said:

    lots of walking on a treadmill will tone thighs but not bulk them up

  4. sarah_roo03 said:

    If you play soccer, it may well be muscles in your legs.
    If not, and you want to lose weight, I would suggest a diet plan (Weight Watchers is amazing…)

  5. Betty999 said:

    Try doing regular crunches, squats and plunges. 10 repetitions everyday would guarantee leaner, shapely calves.
    Join pilates classes, thats very effective.

  6. jessy said:

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