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How can i get rid of my of my belly fat and love handles in 2 weeks?

In two weeks my friend is having a pool party. All the people are skinny and going to be wearing cute bathing suits. I need to lose my belly fat, love handles, and etc. And i need to lose it by June 19-20. I am eating right and cutting back. I am working out a little too.I need to buy a bathing suit and i need to look good in it. All i have to workout is a medicine ball, two 3lbs weights, and an excersing hula hoop. I am too young to have surgery and join a gym. Is there any special cheap foods that burn fat. If you kow any special routines and workouts that you know that are guaranteed to help please tell me. If i like your answer i will vote for you as the best answer.

Please serious and helpful questions only!!!!

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7 Responses to “How can i get rid of my of my belly fat and love handles in 2 weeks?”

  1. Dac said :

    A sharp knife.

  2. ZURDITA said :

    Stop eating for the next two weeks….

  3. Tinker1705 said :

    You need to do more cardio. 45 minutes is to maintain weight so you need to do more than that. However you can really hurt yourself if your body is not ready for that high intensity work out. Watching what you eat is great, the combination of the two could work. But dont cheat. remember fast easy fixes are usually the worst kind for your body.

    Good luck

  4. Maddie D said :

    I think that may be physically impossible to lose your love handles and belly fat in as little as two weeks…

    However, do not starve yourself. There are millions of other ways to lose weight other than that.

    It all depends on your weight and height also. You might not be able to lose it all in two weeks…but maybe before the end of the summer if you go on a healthy fruit and veggie diet and drink lots of water.

    I would assume you live in a neighborhood. Go for a jog around the block twice a day since you don’t have a tredmill.

    Play a game in the front yard like baseball, or basketball, or something like that.

    Those are some ideas.

  5. solostarr18 said :

    To lose body fat and slim and tone the most important things to remember are diet and cardio activity. First things first, your cardio should be anything that gets you up and moving, gets you sweating, breathing heavily (not too heavily) and gets your heart rate up. Try jogging, dancing, swimming laps, etc. You should do cardio about 4-5 times a week for 30 mins. You should also incorporate resistance training to burn more calories and tone up. There are a lot of good excercises you can do with a medicine ball, light weights and your own body weight. Try looking at a Fitness magazine or even online for quick tips on proper technique for resistance training. The last thing is diet. Make sure you don’t starve yourself, it’s very counter productive. Eat 4-5 meals a day, 3 of those meals being large well balanced meals. The other 1 or 2 being healthy snacks. The key is count your calories. Calorie intake is different for each individual. My caloric intake is 2300 because of how active I am. However your caloric intake could be as low as 1400. Just be smart about what you eat. Balance your proteins, carbs, and fats. And cut out unnecessary calories (like soda, white bread, whole milk, etc.) you can also get diet tips online or from Finess magazine. Just remember: burn more calories than you take in, and that’s where the weight loss comes in. Good Luck

  6. Paul said :

    You know that you’re going to go through a tough regiment, don’t you? Is your drive that strong because you will need it. It worked for me. I won’t say that all the belly fat and love handles will go away in such a short time but you will certainly look trim. What is important is to keep your nutrition with less volume. Take your hand, this is approx. the size of your stomach. The proportion of protein to carbs is similar to your palm against the whole hand. (the palm is the front of your hand not counting fingers). Do not eat more than this in a meal. Make sure this meal is made out of good food,ie spaghetti and meatballs…but no bigger than your hand. I also space my eating about 5 hours apart. I would nourish with one snack in between, preferably half a Zone bar. If I am to workout I make sure it is only 2 hours after I eat so I don’t pass out. I did extreme workouts, too. Got up to 100 pushups. Key: you have to eat. Control your volume of food. Eat highly nutritious foods. Push for a longer workout. Rest. I did every stomach/core crunches there was. It hurt, but I wanted to get rid of the fat and I did. It takes your body 21 days on average to start a habit. Good luck!

  7. moodyjamzboy said :

    swimming and cut down 500cals

    good luck


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