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How can i get rid of muscle on my calves?

Ive been running and my calves are thicker than they used to be in some places. How can i get rid of the muscle so my legs can be as lean as they used to be? The track season is over so i have been less active. Would exercising less and dieting help? And are there any workouts that will not build any muscle?

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19 Responses to “How can i get rid of muscle on my calves?”

  1. cananadian402 said :

    why would you want to do that?

  2. GossipGirl said :

    you replace it with fat

  3. Jehovah'sWetness said :

    Wear giant shoes to distract from your enourmous calves. Gesticulate wildly with your hands when you walk as well.

  4. Mysterious Personell said :

    You can’t get rid of muscle unfortunately. Try some aerobic exercises that won’t build muscle.

  5. Adeel said :

    well, they are thicker because they needed to be- when they don’t need to be, your mass will go away- that is, if you dont maintain it

  6. pussycat with attitude said :

    sit in a chair. turn on the television. do nothing else.

  7. Thanasi P said :

    Put it this way: would you rather have fat on your calves.

  8. SemperFi86 said :

    Be proud of them calves!!!!! But do calf strectches, that will turn any fat into muscle, and make them stronger.

  9. jeenie_005 said :

    work the couch!

  10. Grapies07 said :

    why not work out more on the weaker muscles instead of working out less on the stronger ones?

  11. UK ROCKS! said :

    what an odd question

    do long distance running

    that should do it – all long distance runners have thin calves

  12. Cam said :

    Exactly, why would you want to do that?

  13. boricua4000 said :

    if your running and doing excercise your gonna have that muscle your lean and cut nothings wrong with that.

  14. C Sunshine said :


  15. Treepe said :

    stop running. your muscle will atrophy. calf size is hereditary, so you will probably will always have larger than normal calves. also, stretching and doing less explosive exercises, like track, soccer, tennis. those stop and go sports.

  16. anil said :

    you should just contact with yoga teacher and do YOGA

  17. Eva D said :

    A chisel and a bottle of tequila.

  18. Dom-O said :

    If you diet…you will lose fat..not muscle…if you want them to be less thick…don’t exercise that part of your body as much…but that’ll probably be impossible because you most likely practice during off season. Otherwise…embrace them..if you’re a guy…I’m sure they look great…and if you’re a girl…your legs will make dogs want to beg when you’re in stilletos…good luck.

  19. silverblue_oxide said :

    The only way to get rid of it without grouse imagination is not to walk – not to use your legs so it will atrophy your calf muscles – but it will include all your muscles in the leg.


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