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How can i get rid of extra belly fat?

I just had a baby recently and i have all this extra skin on my stomach. I’m not all extra fat or nothing but i cant seem to get rid of this belly fat.
i know i have to work on the body as a whole but the stretched skin on the stomach is the hardest to work on. i’m breastfeeding and i don’t want to go on a serious diet cause i eat great now i just need a good exercise to help
please don’t leave stupid comments. if you know a good exercise or workout plan that can help, let me know otherwise your comments are not needed

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10 Responses to “How can i get rid of extra belly fat?”

  1. Lyrad said :

    if your breast feeding – do it by exercise. Dieting when you need the milk is cheating your baby.

    but in general fat loss is systemic – localized fat loss is a myth. Start eating healthy and exercise. You will loose the fat proportional to the region of your body and your age.

    Good luck.

  2. Chinmay G said :

    frirst of all dont go on dieting
    do some exercises like YOGA an go to gym

  3. shafi0247 said :

    low fat diet and exercise

  4. Brinlarr said :

    lets make this very very clear it is not possible to spot reduce, fat will not nor can it be converted in to energy by the muscles around it. It is converted by the liver, the liver will take fat from where it is geneticaly programmed to, nothing you will do will change it.
    in short the answer is bad tro lose weight off your belly you have to lose weight in total
    dont be fooled nature is a harsh mistress, you can not spot reduce

  5. Mintee said :

    its not fat.. its just extra stretched out skin.. like when you find a brand new balloon and you blow it up. if you let the air out of it. you’ll end up with this jiggly flabby stretched out mass of plastic.. Same thing.. You can try to do toning exercises, ladies crunches etc and plenty of water (to help with elasticity of skin) get your vitamins, etc.. all the same old stories, but in the end. once that skin is so stretched out, its never the same.. Just think of it as your special “badge” of motherhood.. Short of eventually getting a tummy tuck, theres nothing you can really do. (dont think all those hollywood mothers dont get theirs tucked, they do).. We lower middle classed mothers just have to do with what we got.. Luckily my husband still loves me dearly.. Hopefully yours does too. goodluck!

  6. Daughter of a Coma Guy said :

    Plenty of crunches to target those abs! Most effective way I know, and after awhile, it works!

  7. JOSHUA S said :

    Being that it has not been very long since you had you child, it would be good to start slow and increase. You can start with using grapefruit juice. It can be a extra catalyst in your stomach for the time that it is in there. Start out doing sit-ups or crunches and get a decent cardio program running. You can accomplish this by starting to walk a mile or two then gradually jogging(on and off throughout the two miles). Enough to get a good sweat, but not enough to where you cannot talk while doing it. Getting a friend to do it along with you always helps. I hope that this can help you a least a little.

  8. Nana said :

    Post natal flab is something that all new mothers are anxious to shed as soon as they give birth and is a challenge for many women. Given that the body goes through many changes and hormonal challenges for nine months, it is no wonder that trying to lose weight after giving birth takes time, determination and patience. Read the rest of article here:

  9. Ted L said :

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  10. Justine Silvas said :

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