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How can I get rid of belly fat fast?

I have really strong abs and I’m pretty fit, but I have a layer of fat on my stomach so you can’t tell that much how strong they are. Whats a fast way to lose belly fat?

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16 Responses to “How can I get rid of belly fat fast?”

  1. Carson D said :


  2. Amanda said :

    Crunches, eat healthy. Lots of fruit and veggies, drink lots of water. Good luck.

  3. Miss Santa said :
  4. James M said :

    Dont eat like a pig.

    Like everyday.
    get off the computer.

    get OUT AND PLAY!


  5. Mike said :

    nobody likes to hear it, but the answer is always diet and exercise. try something like hydroxycut.

  6. bluesk8trboi3 said :


  7. ebz said :

    Try sit ups everyday. That will strengthen your tummy muscles and help you loose weight. Running also helps .

  8. md.sophian said :

    Cardiovascular exercises like jogging,cycling and swimming!

  9. truth-hurts said :

    Pick up the “AbsDiet” book. Six smaller portioned meals a day with a weight/cardio workout will help burn the excess fat.

  10. marky said :

    plenty of carbs and no fat.

  11. frank g said :

    jog for 2 weeks,about a mile or two a day and after the jogs do some crunches about 200 a day.You also should eat a steady diet of protein and no carbs for this week, my suggestions are beans and chicken(no rice), a burger without the buns and cheese(just lettuce,tomato,and the meat, and if you get hungry at night eat a small bowl of Kellogg’s without milk or about 1/4 cup of reduced fat milk if you have to have it in your cereal

  12. Josh C said :

    there is no fast way to lose weight, there is no fast way to bulk up.
    If you want a quick way to get rid of fat, lipo. If you want a cheap, better way, exercise and eat less fat.

  13. uhyea said :

    You may never be able to lose it. Genetics plays a big part in determining where body fat is deposited and where it comes off, if it comes off. If genetics is the case, then you will just have to accept it. Otherwise, moderate cardio three or four times a week while alternating with some strength training routine will most likely show you some results. Eat right and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

  14. tammmy s said :

    The fat on your stomach is stored in such a way that it can be accessed quickly when your body needs it. I don’t know what works for guys, so I’ll tell you what has worked for my female friends.

    1) Drink green tea. Anything caffeinated boosts your metabolism, green tea has lots of it and alot of other benefits as well. I know people who have used this with great success

    2) Cut back on salt. Salt makes you retain water, adding to your bulk. When you eat less of it, your body uses the water the way it should be used, then excretes it.

    3) Drink water. When you are dehydrated, your body will retain water so that it has some stored. If you are drinking water, your body will not need to store it.

    4) Distance running. This scares people. However, you do not have to go fast. Jog at a walking pace for 2 miles or so everyday. It has been shown that the body will want to loose wight when you run distances regularly, not just because of the calories, distance running triggers different things in the brain. It also makes you produce more adrenaline and endorphins all the time to make you more pain tolerant.

    5) Increase fiber. You actually burn calories when processing fiber. Also, certain vitamins, and minerals found in different plants increase your metabolism. Again, it is not just about calories. Vitamin B and calcium will do this for you. As well as strengthen your immune system.

    6) Eat foods that do not spike your blood sugar. Some foods make your blood sugar increase rapidly, others it is slow.

    Try plums, cherries, I know those are good for keeping your blood sugar even.

  15. Sandra Y. said :

    I had a flabby stomach, and I’d admit I was one of those people who thought you could do crunches and sit ups all day to burn stomach fat!

    It wasn’t until I changed my diet and did Pilates as well as a regular strength training and cardio routine was when I finally got results.

    I found a good site that really helped me tone my abs by showing me the mistakes I’ve been making. It has great diet and workout tips to help you lose belly fat.

    Check it out here

    Good luck!

  16. volleyballcheerleader27 said :

    Do 50 crunches when you get up then do 150 before bed!!!


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