How can I get my pug to loose weight.?

I’m 14 with 2 dogs. A border collie, buddy and a pug, cindi. Now we have food out all the time for the both of them and they do little exercise. Buddy he’s a fit dog but cindi is 30 pounds and I know pugs are only supposed to weigh 15-18 pounds. Now I know that they should only be fed twice a day but my parents don’t wanna change the food all around thing, b/c of buddy who we’ve had longer than cindi has always been fed that way. and Cindi exercises but she gets so hot that she can’t breathe…..and she gets tired quickly so how do I help her loose weight?

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7 Responses to “How can I get my pug to loose weight.?”

  1. Fallon(Love all Pugs)*OCEBFB* said:

    Get them on a good, healthy food first of all. What are you feeding?
    My Pug eats Welness and she’s a perfect weight.

    Secondly, Exercise, exercise, exercise! Walk Cindi atleast twice a day. Early in the morning and at dusk, when it’s not so hot.

    Also, you should not be leaving food down for them all the time! Especially for the Pug. Pugs will eat their weight in food, trust me. I’ve seen it with my Pug. She’ll eat until she litterly throws up.

    **Do not base your dog’s weight on the Pug standard. Only a vet can tell you if your dog is the right weight. 30 pounds is pushing it though.
    My Pug weighs 21 pounds, perfectly healthy and a good weight. Some Pugs are naturally just bigger than others.

  2. lmsgoddess said:

    there is a great medication o the market for just your situation. It is called Slentrol and it is by Pfizer. I work at an animal hospital and have ssen so many dogs lose weight on it. If you cannot control what your pet eats and you don’t want to separate them, give the chubby ppug Slentrol!

  3. Lime011 said:

    You should take her to the vet. He or She may be able to convince your parents what can happen if they don’t straighten up and take of the dog the way she should be!

  4. cruisechloe said:

    Take cindi out for walks more requently, even if it’s around the block. She’s breathless and hot due to the weight, but as soon as she starts lossing it’ll get easier. Play with cindi in the home for about 20 minutes daily to help her exercise meore. Feed both dogs twice a day and when you put the food out leave it for 30 minutes and then put it up where they can’t reach it. Both dogs will quickly learn to eat within the 30 minutes and not be hungry until the ext feed.

  5. Tjitske said:

    it’s stupid to leave out unlimited food. talk to a vet to find out how much your dog should be fed. dogs should be fed twice a day – at dinner and breakfast, that’s it. food has to be limited because dogs will just deep on eating.

  6. aw11 said:

    you should not be free feeding your dogs first of all ESPECIALLY not the pug. you should feed them only twice a day–once in the morning once in the evening. also, for Cindi you should try low calorie food until she has dropped to a healthy weight . pugs are prone to obesity since they love food and aren’t active. also, don’t try to exercise Cindi too forcefully as pugs have breathing problems and can over heat. maybe take short walks when the sun goes down.

  7. Dian N said:

    I have always free fed all of my dogs and never had a weight problem with any of my past dogs.
    Until now. My little dog started gaining weight even though she gets exercise every day. She now gets fed twice a day. Every dog is different. You will have to change your pugs eating habits. Obesity will cause many health problems and aggravate her breathing problems.

    The only way to lose weight is less food, more exercise. With the exercise, start slow in the cool of the evening or morning. Take care not to stress her.


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