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How can I get my mom to stop smoking?

My mom has been smoking ever since she was a teen. I hate it that she smokes!!! In health at school we watched a few videos of true things that happed to people and some of them ended up dying. I’ve tried to get my mom to stop, but nothing works. No matter how many times she’s yelled at me or cussed me out i still love her and I dont want her to die. How can I get her to stop?

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4 Responses to “How can I get my mom to stop smoking?”

  1. Steve Z said :

    It’s practically impossible to get people that are addicted to nicotine to quite smoking unless they actually want to quit because it’s legal and doesn’t affect one’s personality, so there’s no rehabilitation centers for it, as far as I know, and I’ve never heard of anyone holding interventions for it.

    What you can do, however, is ask her not to smoke around you because it affects your health if she does. You can also maybe show her some of the things that you learned about smoking, without specifically telling her to stop.

    And you can always make jokes about it too, why not? If she’s gonna be a witch about it, you might as well get a laugh out of it.

  2. lana said :

    OK, im 18, and iv smoked since i was 14! after my boyf and i broke up i started smoking 2 packs a day! it was terrible! i knew i had to stop, but quitting is really really hard! actually, its nearly impossible!

    i looked into getting hypnotherapy! if she wants to quit (and deep down she does) she will definitly consider it! hypnotherapy sessions arnt that expensive either!

    anyway, i looked into this before i stopped smoking, and i came across a hypnotherapist who actually wrote a book! all u need to do is read the book and ul never smoke again! And DAMN it actually worked! i went from 2 packs a day to none!!

    you can buy the book in any book store, and it costs $25 roughly, or however much the average book costs! and it works! tell her to read it!
    read it with interest tho (dont just read it to get to the last page) and its garanteed!!!!
    the link is just to show u what the book look likes, dont actually buy it off the net, go to a book store 🙂

  3. RIP Farrah said :

    start putting pictures of smoking related diseases around your house. Have her check this video out too.

  4. the L eagle (DaRk WiNgS) said :

    it is hard to make a person stop ,she is the one who decides . ive been smoking since i was 14,and the truth is i tried to quit smoking many times but it was hard,i still smoke .u cant imagine it cuz u r not a smoker . so i suggest that u give ur mom a break and go easy on her .

    about your fear of her dying , smoking doesnt always lead to death,my great grandmother smoked all her life and died when she was 87 ! . im telling you that to lessen your fear if your mom went on smoking . nicotine is an addiction .,just try to understand that and if she quits on her own then good for her! if she doesnt then go easy on her .


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