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How can I get my man to lose some weight?

of course i love him the way he is but i just want him to lose some weight but i dont wanna tell him straight up and be mean

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9 Responses to “How can I get my man to lose some weight?”

  1. Ttown said :

    Buy him a gym membership. I workout for an hour four times a week. And I still cant see my abs. Tell him it will make “HIM” happy and healthy.

  2. mauch69 said :

    give him incentive promise him oral for every pound he loses, you do that and the weight will melt off faster than your stench!

  3. prescientone said :

    Feed him smaller portions…of anything he wants to eat…and if asks for more…make him wait a half an hour…I am serious…portion control will make your man lose weight

  4. Ice Tea said :

    Start cooking him dinner and be sure they are nice and healthy meals. He will not know the difference or just tell him you want to start going to the gym and you want him to go with you.

  5. Dose of Reality said :

    Do you do the cooking in the family? I’d start cooking “healthier” meals, getting excited about new recipes, etc.

    My man thinks he needs to lose weight, I don’t, but I notice when I start talking about trying different recipes and exotic (healthy) foods, he gets excited about it with me. Probably because we don’t really ever cook, haha. Won’t stop your man from snacking on bad things, but it will keep him healthier, lessen his calorie intake, and may give him a taste for it.

  6. oliversmom75 said :

    Why don’t you both workout together? That might motivate him a little more – plus it is time spent with eachother.

  7. Spanky Gazpacho DW said :

    OK.. here are the facts. Its all about what he shoves in his mouth.

    Healthy men get fat because of the food that they eat. Feed him fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, lean cuts of meat grilled on a george forman, no butter … wholemeal bread, avocado, nuts, olive oil, peanut butter… green beans…. anything green… no soda, no take away, no fries, nothing fried… cottage cheese, low fat milk… fewer beers…
    No processed or packaged foods… and try to do strenuous exercise three afternoons a week… make him work for it honey… get him in positions that mean he has to work felxing those stomach muscles, thighs and buttocks… choose difficult positions that require physical strength… 30 minutes three times a week is all the exercise a man needs to stay fit and healthy.


    try a couple exercise session at home, it is fun at the end you get a reward. Try to make it seem like it is for health reasons for all involved and make an effort at partnership this might not make him feel bad at all if it means you are both gonna participate.

  9. Phoenix - pagan 1/2 of JPA said :

    Good sex is supposed to burn a lot of calories.


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