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How can i get my carseat to fit properly?

I have a 2000 Impala and cant get my carseat to fit properly. Is there a way i can make the seatbelts stay tight?

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3 Responses to “How can i get my carseat to fit properly?”

  1. happymommy said :

    Take it to the local fire dept. they are very knowledgable in that regard

  2. txgirl_2_98 said :

    This is for your child’s carseat, correct?

    Take it to your local firestation, or take it to your local Chevy dealer and ask for assistance in securing the car seat. Fire Departments give safety seat checks all the time, as do car dealerships.

  3. your friend said :

    you could by a latch system from maybe baby r us or Wall-mart or some where, and latch in your car. or there a book call One step a head,it is a baby magazin,and it has all types of gagices and things inside of it


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