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How can I get in shape fairly quickly?

I am 13 years old, I’m 170 cm high, I weigh 61 kg. I would like to loose some weight in my thighs and my belly. Perhaps also get a six pack (rectus abdominis muscle), not like very big, just so it would be visible. I don’t want fat on my thighs, well there could be but just a little. What diet should I have? what exercise should I use? Thank you, and I hope for some great answers 😉

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3 Responses to “How can I get in shape fairly quickly?”

  1. Meow said :

    try to go jogging at a minimum of three days a week, and if possible, every day of the week.
    don’t skip meals – eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner… snack on fruits
    avoid junk and fast food – need i explain?
    as for abs, do sit ups and crunches and with weight loss they’ll start to show
    drink lots of water! LOTS and lots of water!
    avoid soda and juices (unless they’re fresh)

    you’re still young; if you get used to that type of diet/lifestyle then you’ll be in great shape by the time you’re eighteen, instead of regretting it and wondering why you never did so and so!

    best of luck 🙂

  2. Yoko said :

    for your age u should be around 47 to 53 kg

    Diet Plan:
    (drink at least 8 glasses of room-temperature water daily)
    Breakfast: orange juice or milk with 2 boiled eggs and a peeled cucumber
    Lunch: grilled chicken breast with a bowl of greens or lentil soup with a bowl of greens
    Dinner: light cereal ( corn flakes etc..) it should be SUGARLESS

    In between snacks: apples- oranges- peeled cucumbers or you can find some diet chocolates in most stores

    Exercises: 20 push ups and sit ups daily 30 minutes after lunch- jogging for half an hour every 2 days- jump rope for 10 to 15 minutes every now and then

    hope it works ..i lost like 5 – 6 kilograms

  3. Martin Smith said :

    There are a lot of ways to lose belly fat. You can do a daily exercise and you must prepare a good eating habits. Drink a lot of water also.


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