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How can i get health insurance to get my tonsils removed?

My job wont offer me insurance since its only part-time. And i have no health insurance and i cannot afford the surgery. So is there any insurance that i could apply for? And how much would i pay for my surgery with insurance?

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4 Responses to “How can i get health insurance to get my tonsils removed?”

  1. just me said :

    It is expensive and I know of nothing you can do except wait until you are a full time employee and get heath insurance. If your job will never be full time then look else where for work that is full time. Then your doctor has to get the surgery approved by submitting it is necessary for what ever reason he believes.

  2. Erica E said :

    You could check for state health insurance. I’m in PA and they offer insurance even if you “make too much money” for cheaper/free plans. Although I’d beware that you have legitimate reasons for having your tonsils removed. Many doctors do not perform this procedure anymore unless the situation is dire. My sister had hers removed and they would only do it after she had such severe sore throats that her tonsils inhibited her breathing. Also they wouldn’t accept it being just one time, or two, they needed it documents 5 times. The guy who did her tonsil removal was retiring from it too. She was his last. There is quite literally no doctor anywhere around my area that does this procedure. Good luck.

  3. DONALD T said :

    possess as much information as you could maybe is one of the options,however it is quite time consuming,here

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  4. Clay said : – here is my health insurance plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.


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