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How can I gain muscle weight for football?

I am 16, 145 lbs, 6 ft tall. I need to gain 30 to 40 lbs of muscle in 8 months for football(is this possible?). I am lifting 3 days a week and drink a protein shake after each workout. What else can i do(nutrition, lifting suggestions, etc.)? I can’t use any substances that will have any negative effect on my health now and in my future. I am willing to work hard.

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4 Responses to “How can I gain muscle weight for football?”

  1. Rigo said :

    well you have to drink more proteins,beef,steaks,meats,eat some peanut butter that might help alot,im guessing you want to be a WR huh,lol good luck man

  2. tennislover said :

    hey dude..

    well u need weight training in the tempo of 4 – 6 days a week
    u gotta keep at it.. and keep the volume down to 40 – 60 mins
    do 3 – 4 sets per exercise…
    3 different exercies for the small muscles
    5 different exercies for the larger muscles

    u need to train all the muscles

    6-8 rep range

    u need higher calories… take your body weight multiply by 20 thats how many calories u need
    and u need one gram of protein for what u weign

    supplments that can help whey protein which u do
    HGH Liquid before bed that helps your growth
    Vitamin C for recovery and immunity

    glutamine most essential amino acid

    none of these will hurt your body…

    keep it good!

  3. abraham_adams2000 said :

    8 months is a relatively short time to put that much muscle on your ectomorph frame

    one suggestion i would say is that you should rotate workouts so that your not just constantly working the same muscle group:

    upper body and arms on Monday

    legs and abs on Wednesday

    hybrid of both workouts on Friday

    tear the muscle a little each workout (till it feels tight, but DEFINITELY not sore) if you do get sore reduce the intensity… you’ll just end up shooting yourself in the foot (and your muscles wont get bigger)

    get plenty of water, eat a BALANCED higher calorie diet with lots of protein (lean beef is good) and avoid fats,

    if you smoke stop now. smoking actually is one of the worst things a body builder can do.

    try this page:

    it has some suggestions for targeting certain muscle groups and has some excellent advice for gaining muscle mass. (although I wouldn’t take every word as gospel)

    last but not least, your not going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in 8 months. Your body is built a certain way and its impossible to change your genetics, so when trying to gain mass make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the future by damaging your body. Your long term health is infinitely more important than any football game.

  4. GodFather said :

    Hey Bro,
    Sounds like you’re on the right track with your protein shakes and taking them after your workouts.
    The link below is where I get my protein; they have a forum page with some good workout routines and lots of smoothie recipes. You might be able to find a few more things you like to keep that protein in your body.


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