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How can I gain muscle weight and not fat?

I recently lost 50+ pounds over the past 7 months by restricting my calories to about 1400 a day. For my height (5’6″) my weight (110) is too low, however, I still have a little chubby belly and thighs. How many calories should I eat a day to get in a healthy weight zone without gaining fat? What are ways to tone up and gain muscle without gaining fat?

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2 Responses to “How can I gain muscle weight and not fat?”

  1. Jerry Lee said :

    Some stores (GNC) sell muscle powders and meal-replacements intended for body-builders. These (with exercise) are intended to help add muscle.

  2. txlcck 3 said :

    Here is a good website if you want to gain weight and muscle Focus on diet, nutrition, and most of all hard work!

  3. Rohan Arora said :

    Here’s a personal blog which will help you guide how you can gain healthy muscle without gaining fat.


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