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How can I exercise within my own house to keep fit?

I don’t live near any gym, and would like to know what to do each day to keep myself fit in my own house.

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3 Responses to “How can I exercise within my own house to keep fit?”

  1. ¸.•*´¨GO DEVILS! said :

    do you have verizon fios? edit your question and i’ll edit my answer. verizon fios offers free exercise videos which helped me out a lot. it was in the video on demand section.

  2. fittofight said :

    Sit ups, push ups, jump rope. Jog,crunches, jumping jacks, running in place. Buy some dumbells and do curls, kick backs dumbell squats. Pretty much anything you can do that will make you sweat will keep you fit. Just come up with a 30 minute routine and stick with it.

  3. friends r gifts we give ourself said :

    dancing when doing dishes and laundry, hoola hoop around, don’t laugh it really works and entertains kids if you have them, jump rope, all of these things you can get at the dollar store, put little weights on your ankles in the morning, walk your dog if you have one, or walk the neighbors or just walk


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