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How can I drop weight by tomorrow morning?

I am in a competition and I have been eating great and exercising a lot and I am in 2nd place down by 1 pound! I am about to go to the gym and I am just going to try to sweat a lot tonight and tomorrow morning before the weigh in. Do I need to drink a lot of water too? I know I need to drink some so I don’t get severely dehydrated but how much? Any other advice on loosing weight quickly??? I would win over $800.00 so It’s a big deal to me.

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5 Responses to “How can I drop weight by tomorrow morning?”

  1. Jacky said :

    :O lucky you! go swimming, jogging, ANYTHING. don’t do anything that builds up muscle too much or else you’ll gain a lot of weight. eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. watch your diet.

  2. loveeeeeeeeee said :

    water diettttttt!

  3. Christy said :

    drink a gallon of water and a glass of orange juice along with 4 500mg vitamin Cs.

  4. ♥live .love. laugh♥ said :

    Before you go to the gym, make sure to have a small bowl of any healthy cereal, that way, there will be something to burn off, and then just go crazy with the excercise and water!

  5. Love said :

    put some saran wrap around your waist and then dress to sweat while you sleep….it works but you will get hot


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