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How can I cure a hangover ?

A hangover can hit you like a ton of bricks. The pounding headache, the unrelenting nausea … it is very overwhelming and can haunt you for the rest of the day. But what if you could cure your hangover and not have to pay for your sins of the night before? What if you could feel like a normal human being after a night of heavy drinking? Well, you can! Try the below tricks to get rid of your wicked hangover and get on with your day.

First you need to understand why people get hangovers. It is because alcohol dehydrates your body. So, a good way to counteract the effects of that dehydration is to rehydrate your body. As a matter of fact, if you have a bad hangover, you probably woke up feeling the dehydration via thirst. Although your first thought may have been to reach for something with a little taste, like coffee, teas, or soda, don’t! Those contain caffeine, which also dehydrates your body, and may make your symptoms even worse. You need water or a sports drink to rehydrate.

What Else TO do:

Take vitamins B and C (or drink orange juice as a vitamin C substitute.) Also, mineral-rich food and drinks can help you, too

Get plenty of rest. Hopefully it is Saturday or Sunday!

Eat things that are light on your stomach and eat them in small portions. Don’t try to eat a plate full of not-quite-cooked-enough eggs and sausage for breakfast.

Take a few aspirin (if you had done this before going out, you may have avoided your hangover altogether.)

What NOT TO do:

Drink a beer or other alcohol to try and cure your hangover.

Eat or drink dairy products. They might make your stomach symptoms worse.

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