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How Can I Control Food Cravings?

Are you addicted to salty pretzels, crunchy chips, ice cream, and chocolates? You are not the only one who’s in love with these food items. But taking these foods may not be recommended particularly those who are on a diet. The problem most individuals who are on a diet face is the cravings for these foods. Maintaining a healthy diet is often a tough task considering the various temptations such as dining in a restaurant or watching movies. There are some tips however for those who are trying their best to take out these foods from their regular diet.

First, it is recommended that those who are on a diet consult their nutritionist first about the combination of exercise and diet they have adapted. Often times, there are instances when the cravings signify real hunger. A person is more likely to have food cravings if he does not eat regularly. A good diet should underline the value of three proteins plus complex carbohydrates per day.

Also, food cravings usually result from dehydration. It is recommended that those who are on a diet regularly take fluids. Drinking water regularly helps in controlling food cravings.

Food cravings can be addressed by eating, although it is important to shy away from foods that are high in calories. Munch on vegetables like carrots, strawberries, apple slices, and even white meat skinless chicken. The refrigerator should have snacks that are nutritious but do not increase one’s calorie load for a day.

Those who are on a diet should also consider drinking a cup of aromatic tea. Some of the good choices are ginger, mint as well as fruit teas. Food cravings can likewise be a result of stimulation to other senses, thus taking a bath and taking aromatherapy with invigorating scents can address these cravings.

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