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How Can I COMMIT To Losing Weight So I Can Be Sexy?

I need help in figuring out how I can make myself commit to losing weight. I’m fine during the day, but when nighttime comes, I lose control and lose the direction of my goals. Also, I want to lose weight so that I can be the sexiest person that I’m capable of. Please help! I want to wear sexy lingerie and treat my boyfriend to something he’s never seen before! Thanks!

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13 Responses to “How Can I COMMIT To Losing Weight So I Can Be Sexy?”

  1. blackdye said :

    you have to have a healthy mind set. If you’re severely obese, see a doctor for h elp. If youre just a little over weights, remind yourself that if you keep eating, and odnt exercise you’re gonna stay fat. Just get some motivation~~~

  2. Caligirl said :

    you have to want it….eat fruit at night it helps!

  3. mr_crankypants said :

    You can still wear sexy lingere while you are losing weight. That always helps, but for losing weight you really need to re-imagine yourself. Say “I don’t eat that crap because I’m a healthy person”. Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you can’t wolf down a bunch of cake or frappucino or whatever your vice is just say, oh I don’t eat that.

  4. Jeans said :

    You are always sexy no matter how you think about yourself. Start a 1200 calorie diet. Only eat 1200 calories in a day. Keep sodium levels down too, Make journal entries, weigh yourself, and write down changes and weight losses, char what you eat and how much calories there are. Dont go over 1200. if you do, do not go more then 100 over. If you do not know how many calories are in some food, estimate or ask someone. Also, read through old journal entries and weight losses, it will keep you motivated. Also, chew gum, it helps. Start working out if you can, slowly at first, then more consistantly, this doesnt mean you have to be muscular, just jog, do situps, push ups. Anything you can do easily.

  5. hxc said :

    well if your trying to find something to comit too
    comit to your boyfriend
    do thos crunches thingys
    like 50 a day
    and ull be like wow in like 2 weeks
    and eat rasin bran

  6. neocipher21 said :

    Sexy is in the mind- yet I would say to get healthy and sexy find a pair of shoes high heels and a really tight skirt and tank that you want and squeeze in it until its just right…motivation

  7. dodge said :

    when you get the urge to eat , drink water. if you still must eat after drinking the water eat pork rinds they are high in protein and will help you lose weight.

  8. Baby Bubs said :

    dont ever starve yourself. its a recipe for disaster when you do that.

    try making a goal calendar and add something to every week, say.
    like the first week add a half-hour walk four days a week. the second week you could try having muesli and yogurt for breakfast five days a week. and the third week you could aim to have either salad/healthy tuna sandwich four-five days a week. If you gradually make life changes and make sure you still have many choices, soon it will become habit and you won’t feel bored. It will become part of your life rather than something you “do just to lose weight”. And when you feel better, you won’t want to go back to your old ways.

  9. Danny boy said :

    Well I understand that some people have an addiction to fatty foods and other junk, and I know it’s hard to let it all go, so people don’t tell her to stop eating it, because she won’t. take little steps, don’t automatically stop eating what you normally eat at night, cut down one by one, eventually you will see a change!

  10. memberofglenn said :

    Well start with a diet and exercise plan.

    If you eat a lot at night, your body doesnt have enough time to burn the fat from the foods because you usually dont produce much energy at night because your body begins to relax.

    Try starting out by building up your metabolism. The way to do this is simply set an amount of food for yourself that is reasonable. Only eat this amount for each meal. If you want, you could even eat less at each meal, but have more meals. So instead of eating one or two giant meals…try eating five or six smaller meals.

    Good luck!

  11. kitters said :

    Find a bad photo of yourself and put it on the fridge. Hopefully, it will always remind you of your goals when you get the urge to stuff yourself silly.

  12. whodiddat said :

    Sexy isn’t something you put on. Sexy is a characteristic. A personality trait. You become sexy when you feel at your best. Confidence is the key to sexy. When your mind is assured, it’s in your face, your touch, the words you choose to express a thought and everyone can see it. Find a way to work around your late night munchie habit. Like drinking plenty of water-kills your appetite, Keep fresh fruit and veggies on hand. Try to make your habits work to your advantage somehow. Good luck!

  13. Linda M said :

    Keep an image of how you want to look in your mind at all times.
    Especially at your weak points. It’s like with me, I love hamburgers.
    When I just have to have a Double Whopper with Bacon, I also imagine that if I eat it, I will be a big whopper.
    And that is not how I imagine myself.
    I know it’s hard, I have been on that roller coaster.
    It takes much will power.
    It also helps to window shop at the thing that you are going to fit in.
    Keep looking at those clothes and it helps


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