how can I burn fat and loss weight?

I’m 16 and 5’9. I weigh 190lbs and am fairly fat. how can I loss 20lbs by diet only? I am going to start working out once I loss some weight but for now just diet. what should I eat/not eat to loss thisfat?? plz only answer if you know what ur talking about.
I’ll do anything to loss this weight as long ad it isnt to unhealthy. also the faster the better. thanks!

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2 Responses to “how can I burn fat and loss weight?”

  1. Ahmed I said:

    Hi dude, I am in the same position, we have 2 weeks off school and theres a fine girl i want to impress, over the last week I skipped lunch at school and kept the money for electronics =p
    I have also been doing 60-120 sit ups per day, i am a large 60kg, I am 15, the top end of 9 stone

    I can feel abs coming through, and my stomach going down
    If you intend to have 3 meals per day here is what i advise

    Breakfast – Bran flakes / Special k
    Lunch- Tuna/salad/apple and slice of unbuttered bread/pear and piece of toast
    Dinner -Wholemeal Pasta (it’s brown and healthier) with any type of fish I advise Salmon, steam it and mix with the pasta, do not be tempted to add cheese

    PS. You will lose 20 pounds in 1 month. And don’t forget to pick me as best answer

  2. pench6 said:

    you should eat friuts such as bannas and apples for fiber .
    you should aviod pop and friut juices(they have lots of carbs.)


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