How can I build up athletic endurance so I can loose weight?

Hi. I am slightly overweight, and I want to lose a decent amount of weight and get healthy. I have already gotten my healthy eating plan down with the help of a dietitian. However, whenever I start to exercise, I get short of breath very quickly and get tightness in my calves, and sometimes even become nauseous. I really want to be able to walk and jog, but with my current physical condition I find it hard. How can I build up endurance so I no longer get short of breath and tightness in my calves? Thank you.
just realized i spelled “lose” wrong in my question! woops!

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5 Responses to “How can I build up athletic endurance so I can loose weight?”

  1. onemore11b said:

    the only way is to Stop setting in front of your computer go outside and exercise.
    Sorry there is no other way not pills, not meditation, and not even prayer.

  2. Pamala said:

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  3. Yer Stephensen said:

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