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How can I be lazy for the day ?

Everyone gets to the point, sooner or later, where they just need a break. Where they stay in and just “veg” out; in other words, “de-stress” and do what they want to do, instead of what they have to do. This can actually be healthy for your mental well-being and has become popular, being known as a “mental health day”. Some parent’s allow their children so many “metal health days” during the school year and some employers allow their employees “personal days”, where no real excuse is needed to stay home. So, how can you be lazy for the day? Take these 4 simple steps to get the mental rest you need:

1. Call in to work or school and let them know that you’ll be absent. If you don’t, you will run into a lot of problems when you try to go back.

2. Make sure you have food or whatever else you will need to just relax and take it easy all day long.

3. Check you local TV programming to find things that you might want to watch. Other things you might enjoy doing on your lazy day include reading a book or surfing the web.

4. Lay on the couch or sit in your recliner and enjoy!

Although you may be feel bad about being “lazy”, it is important to remember that too much stress is bad for your mind and your body. Taking a day to relax and refuel can be healthy and can help make you more productive once you go back to work or school. So, don’t feel bad about your lazy day and make it the best you can. You can’t do this every day, so make the most of it and have fun.

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